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Transitioning to Agile Project Management eLearning

13 Lessons

Course Description: In this instructor led, online training course, students …

What you'll learn
About the differences in Agile
Roles and Responsibilities
User stories
About best practices
About agility within an organization

Practical Project Management with Microsoft Project eLearning

13 Lessons

Course Description: Using best practices in project management can be …

What you'll learn
The proper set-up of your project plan from start dates to calendars
How to create an effective schedule that you are able to manage effectively
Working with durations and resources
Assigning costs to your resources
Updating your plan during execution to track performance
Monitoring and controlling your project plan and providing reports to stakeholders
Best practices in project management that align to software for better understanding of the inner working of MS Project 2016

Project Fundamentals for the Accidental Project Manager eLearning

17 Lessons

Course Description: If you are amazing at your job and …

What you'll learn
Common best practices utilized by successful project managers
Common processes and documents, and how to utilize them
How organizational variables can affect which best practices to utilize
How to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control in an effective manner

Managing a Project Team eLearning

5 Lessons

Course Description: The human aspect of project management is usually …

What you'll learn
How to run an effective kick-off meeting
How to develop a comprehensive HR Management Plan for virtual and co-located resources
Team acquisition negotiaion skills
Motivational theories and team building
Holding the project closure meeting

Planning for Risk Management eLearning

5 Lessons

Course Description: Risk happens on all projects, and how risk …

What you'll learn
How to determine your organizations’ risk thresholds and determine scoring for probability and impact
Risk identification techniques, the pros and cons
Creation and maintenance of a risk register
Contingency reserves and how to ask for them
Risk response categories and register updating

Balancing Time, Cost, and Scope eLearning

5 Lessons

Course Description: How do you balance time, cost and scope …

What you'll learn
Best practices for scope, time, and cost
Planning effectively for the constraints
Effective change control functions
Project closure and formal acceptance of deliverables

Initiating a Project eLearning

5 Lessons

Course Description: Learn to improve performance during the initiation of …

What you'll learn
Effective pre-project initiation
How to hold an effective kick-off meeting
Contributing to the project charter and understanding the elements
Identification of stakeholders and building a comprehensive stakeholder register

PM Leadership: Leading a Cross-Cultural Virtual Team eLearning

6 Lessons

Course Description: More and more project teams are virtual and …

What you'll learn
The differences between high and low context cultures and its effect on communication
Work styles of different cultures
Cultural values and how they impact projects
Virtual solutions
Body language to avoid with certain cultures
How to design complimentary roles and responsibilities