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Whether you want to learn a new programming language or master one you already know, CCS Learning Academy has you covered. We offer industry-standard courses in the latest technology languages and embed lifelong application development skills. Learn from industry experts with passion, knowledge, and real-world experience in application development. Their technical expertise and support help you acquired skills quickly so you can apply them right away. CCS Learning Academy offers a wide variety of Application Development courses, such as Python, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many more.

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Python Programming

40 hours
All Levels

This course is an appropriate introduction to students of any …

Introduction to Programming & Coding | Java Basics for Non-Developers (TTCODE101-J)

111 Lessons

This course is a beginner level course for students who …

What you'll learn
Basic concepts of programming
Fundamentals of Java
Setting up and getting familiar with development environment, including IDE’s
Understanding object oriented development
Learning how to make classes, methods and objects
Learning loops, their importance and usage
Use of conditions and regular expressions
Learning importance of lists and arrays
Basic GUI skills
Error and exception handling
Formatting output and formatter class

Django (High Level Web framework)

84 Lessons
40 hours

Course Description Django is the most popular and a high-level …

Full Stack Web Development with Python and Django

115 Lessons
40 hours

Course Description This Full Stack Web Development training is a …

What you'll learn
Explain the purpose of the .NET Framework, and understand how to use C# and Visual Studio 2010 to build .NET Framework applications.
Understand the syntax of basic C# programming constructs.
Create and call methods in a C# application.
Catch, handle and throw exceptions.
Perform basic file IO operations in a C# application.
Create and use new types (enumerations, classes, and structures), and understand the differences between reference types and value types.
Control the visibility and lifetime of members in a type.
Use inheritance to create new reference types.
Manage the lifetime of objects and control the use of resources.
Define properties and indexers to encapsulate data, and define operators for this data.
Decouple an operation from the method that implements an operation, and use these decoupled operations to handle asynchronous events.
Use collections to aggregate data, and use Generics to implement type-safe collection classes, structures, interfaces, and methods.
Implement custom collection classes that support enumeration.
Query in-memory data by using LINQ.
Integrate code written by using a dynamic language such as Ruby and Python, or technologies such as COM, into a C# application
Develop full-stack web sites based on content stored in an RDMS
Use python data types appropriately
Define data models
Understand the architecture of a Django-based web site
Create Django templates for easy-to-modify views
Map views to URLs
Take advantage of the built-in Admin interface
Provide HTML form processing

Declarative Development for Platform App Builders in Lightning Experience

56 Lessons
40 hours

Description This comprehensive hands-on course is a must for new …

What you'll learn
Build and customize multi-user Salesforce applications.
Create custom objects.
Customize the user interface.
Create advanced workflows and validation rules.
Automate business processes with Process Builder, approvals, and flows.
Manage your data.
Develop a custom user interface using Lightning App Builder.