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Database Design and Administration Bootcamp

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Why Enroll In Database Design and Administration Bootcamp

Expert Skill Development

Master key tools like TSQL, Python, and more to enhance your database design expertise and skills.

Industry Networking & Mentorship

Gain valuable insights and career advice through networking with industry experts and mentorship opportunities.

Innovative Problem-Solving Skills

Learn to identify gaps and innovate solutions, enhancing product development and business processes.

Real-Time Decision Making

Acquire skills in real-time optimization to predict and react optimally to various business scenarios.

Comprehensive Learning Experience

Benefit from 12 weeks of instructor-led sessions, extensive e-learning resources, and flexible learning schedules.

Career Advancement Support

Enjoy benefits like a paid internship, 1-1 mentoring, and job placement assistance for 12 months post-completion.

Technologies You Will Master


Bootcamp Schedule

Our online Database Design and Administration bootcamp program is flexible!.
Online bootcamp courses are held 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m Monday to Friday.

Upcoming Start Dates

Weekdays (full-day schedule)

July 01, 2024
August 05, 2024
September 09, 2024

Weekdays (evening schedule)

July 08, 2024
August 12, 2024
September 16, 2024

Weekends (full-day schedule)

July 13, 2024
August 10, 2024
September 14, 2024

CCS Learning Academy Bonuses

Tuition Reimbursement
After the bootcamp, work for CCS Global Tech and become eligible for a refund of up to 50% of your tuition fees!*
Flexible Payment Plans

Reserve your seat for only $495 and work with our team to finance the rest of your bootcamp tuition.

Referral Rewards

Get $500 off tuition if you refer a friend who registers for any online bootcamp course within 30 days!

Course Discount Voucher

Learning doesn’t have to end! Graduates can enjoy 20% off any certification course in our catalog.

Free E-Learning Subscription

A $1,595 value! Get free access to all e-learning courses in any topic area for 12 months after graduation.

Mentoring 1-1

Individual learning and guidance sessions with an industry expert to take your skills to the next level.


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The fun, learning, and excitement begin with your database design and administration bootcamp. Get demonstrations and use case scenarios on various topics with the instructor-led training and Q and A session.


You’ll learn the various aspects of data analytics through assignments, quizzes, discussions with industry experts, and hands-on projects.


Our best database design and administration Bootcamp includes preparation for job interviews and searches via mock interviews, resume reviews, advice, and more.


You’ve completed the data analytics bootcamp online and are ready to enter the data analytics market!


Your new resume/CV should highlight the knowledge and experience you’ve gained during the data analytics bootcamp.


You’ll be fully prepared to take on roles like Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Operations Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, and more!, Data Architect, and more!

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Program At A Glance

CCS Learning Academy’s Database Design and Administration Bootcamp is an intense program designed to help you develop genuine expertise in the data analytics and BI fields as quickly as possible. With decades of experience in talent sourcing and staff augmentation, we know exactly what kinds of abilities and certifications employers tend to look for — and we’re here to help you acquire them.
To enroll in our Database Design and Administration bootcamp, you need to have the following:
  • Basic understanding of database objects
  • Good logic-building and analytical skills
  • Ability to write logic for queries
  • Good presentation and delivery skills
  • This program is available at any learning hub or online
  • This program is eligible for VA tuition benefits
  • Job placement assistance is provided to graduates for 12 months immediately following bootcamp completion
  • Please contact us for government and corporate pricing

Database Design and Administration Bootcamp Curriculum

This module focuses on various aspects of database designing concepts right from entities, keys, constraints, etc. to creating physical instance of databases. The focus of Data Modeling is to understand different stages of database designs patterns along with ways to gather business requirements.
This module exposes the candidates to the very details of TSQL programming along with working on database objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, user defined functions, triggers, and indexes. Module also covers performance implications of multitude of SQL structures such as joins, sub-queries, set operators, CTEs to be incorporated for implementing business requirements.
Data Warehousing module provides detailed insight on the designing and developing data structures to store historical data for analytical purposes. This module further explains more about the internals and architecture of Data Warehouses and Data Marts following Kimball or Inmon Methodologies.
SQL Server Integration Services
This talks about SSIS as an ETL tool to practically connect to different data sources, perform various data operations and load data into dimensional structure. Candidates will also be exposed to various concepts of ETL which includes Data Profiling, Data Cleansing, Data Validations, error handing etc.
This talks about SSIS as an ETL tool to practically connect to different data sources, perform various data operations and load data into dimensional structure. Candidates will also be exposed to various concepts of ETL which includes Data Profiling, Data Cleansing, Data Validations, error handing etc.
This focuses on the key concepts and architecture of Snowflake. Candidates will learn how to provision a Virtual Data warehouse, migrating data to Snowflake warehouse using SnowSQL & Snowpipe, querying Snowflake warehouses, time-travel, Zero-copy cloning, etc.
This offers overview of Python basics, data structures in Python, various programming constructs and commonly used libraries. This will also include various methods of extracting data, cleansing, and basic data visualizations per business requirements.
In this module candidates will learn purpose and application of creating multi-dimensional cube and tabular models for further data analysis. Furthermore, this module also focuses on writing MDX and DAX queries for analytical purposes.
This module is mainly used as presentation layer for creating different types of visual reports for making business decisions. Candidates will be learning different types of reporting constructs, publishing, maintaining reports on Report Server.
This module is primarily focused on creating data visualizations, data cleansing, DAX for calculations etc. In this module candidates will also learn different ways of publishing, embedding, maintaining reports & dashboards within Power BI services and Power BI report server.
This module offers different ways of developing business interactive dashboards utilizing Tableau Desktop. Candidates will be exposed to various features of Tableau related to data preparation, data blending, calculations utilizing LOD expressions, and publishing to enterprise portal.

In this module, you’ll learn how to process, store, and organize data in an efficient way. You’ll see how to structure data through normalization and present your data with views. Finally, you’ll learn how to manage your database and all of this will be done on a variety of datasets from book sales, car rentals, to music reviews.

In this module, students will learn the basic level of TSQL programming on MS SQL Server. Students learn basic DDL, DML, and DQL scripting. Additionally, students will be exposed to and gain an understanding of Joins, Sub-Queries. Set-Operators, and various other functions. Furthermore, students will learn a basic level of understanding of (and be able to manipulate and mange) multiple database objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, user defined functions, triggers, indexes, and cursors.

In this module, students will learn about advanced techniques in T SQL programming. Students will understand how procedural objects are created, used, and maintained. Students will learn how data is stored in databases and develop strategies to create indexes for optimizing query performance. Students will be able to code scripts and procedures using multiple Error Handling techniques and Isolation Levels. Additionally, students will be exposed to multiple optimization techniques and execution plans.

This module covers installing, configuring, and troubleshooting SQL server services. Additionally, students shall solve database-related incidents and requests, fulfilling requests, and resolving incidents within SLAs. Students shall review service-related reports (database backups, maintenance, monitoring), manage security, logins, users, and roles. Furthermore, students will perform performance tuning and query optimization, utilizing Performance Monitor, SQL Profiler, and other related monitoring/troubleshooting tools.

Database Design & Administration Bootcamp Tuition Fee

For a limited time, reserve your seat for an initial deposit of only $495!
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What our students say about their CCS Learning Academy experience

Still on the fence about enrolling with us? Want some first-hand feedback? Here's what our students are saying about their experience with us.

This bootcamp program was a really great opportunity for me to grow and improve my skills. I learn a lot in SQL, learned new tools I never used before like Azure, Power BI, and SSAS in a good environment with people who share the same interest. I think this bootcamp program is a great opportunity for people who want to have real knowledge. It’s a great door to the world market.
Bill Ramirez
Quality Assurance Data Engineer
Thanks to the Bootcamp program I have learned a lot of new programming skills and how to work with different tools in many business subjects. The environment with other coworkers has been great so far, facing every problem that comes up as a team. It is indeed a tremendous opportunity that will significantly contribute to your personal development and foster professional growth.
Dinier Gamboa Gamboa
System Analyst
It's a wonderful opportunity to learn about business intelligence and how important it is to every business. The individuals here have been incredibly supportive, and the work environment is truly pleasant. The trainers exhibit exceptional proficiency and are consistently helpful. Overall, my experience has been not only fun but also truly excellent, providing valuable insights & skills.
Jose Steven Rodriguez
Cloud Data Engineer
Hello, my name is Pablo Chinchilla Valverde and I’m part of Helm360 working as an external vendor for Microsoft as a Data Engineer. This company helped me to make a lot of progress into my work career and gaining a lot of experience on big data and cloud computing. I would say that you can find in this company support, unity, creativity, knowledge, enthusiasm, respect, and success.
Pablo Chinchilla
Data Engineer

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Database Design & Administration Bootcamp FAQs

Database design and administration can improve business performance and efficiency. The organization highly depends on databases. After passing this course, students can strategically develop appropriate organizational architecture and design.
In the database design and administration Bootcamp, you can learn Database (OLTP) Design Techniques, SQL Server Programming, Basic SQL Server Programming – Advanced, and SQL Server Administration
The demand for Database Administrators and architects is growing daily. In 2023, the market has risen above 9%, faster than other data-related occupations. There are over 11,500 openings in this field. It is worth boosting your skills by attending the training.
Preparing under the guidance of a trained instructor for database design and administration examination is highly recommended. Although if you are confident enough, then you can opt for self-study.
Employers always look for certified professionals. Once you complete the training, the certification proves you as a Database Administrator. You can use the certificate in your biodata to demonstrate your knowledge. Plus, for freshers, the Database Administrator course is an add-on for grabbing better job opportunities.
  • Database Administrator
  • Database Analyst
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Systems Analyst

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