Ramp Up 360° - Recruit, Training & Placement Solution

Look beyond the all-star candidates! Opt for customized talent for long-term success.

As tempting as it is to chase the all-star candidates, those tech pros with impressive resumes, you simply don’t have time—and there are too few of them! Ramp Up 360° solves the talent sourcing problem. The program allows you to tap into ready-to-deploy tech talent at a fraction of the time and cost. Building a highly-qualified workforce has never been easier. 

Program Highlights

Ramp Up 360°'s Benefits

Accelerated Staffing

Filling personnel gaps after employees leave can seriously hamper projects, goals, and day-to-day workflow. Ramp Up 360° offers a reliable talent pipeline you can tap into any time. Best of all, Ramp Up talent comes to you fully trained and day-1 ready.

Smarter investing

Bringing on new talent is expensive. And with the current labor shortage, your hiring dollars don’t go as far. Ramp Up 360° allows you to access the talent you need for less. You pay only for hours worked, not training and sourcing time. This accelerated onboarding process eliminates expensive downtime and beefs up your staffing ROI. 

Increased diversity

Your organization may be pro diversity and inclusion, but making these initiatives a reality in the workforce isn’t always easy. Ramp Up 360°’s broad talent-sourcing reach helps companies walk the talk. Our talent pool includes a wide variety of skilled individuals, including Veterans, women, and minorities.

Solid teams

Ramp Up 360° is designed to bring stability to your tech team. No more unfilled positions, no more overburdened employees. Adequately staffing your team gives everyone space to thrive and do their best work. Best of all, fully functioning teams increases employee engagement and lowers turnover. It’s a solid win all the way around.

Our Specialties

We provide a wide range of technical and professional development training, and we specialize in the following,

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