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Course Description:

This online training course is an introduction to securing your Python application, a dynamic language popular for web development, IT security, big data, science, and scripting. This Python online training course covers how to use Bandit, how to implement the Flask-Security, understanding XSS, CSRF attacks, security in the apps APIs, and more!




Course Outline

What is App security?
Why do we care about app security?
Hacking tools repository
Session based Autho
What is Bandit?
Installing the Bandit package
Bandit options and configs
Running Bandit against our code
What is Flask-Security?
Session based auth
Password hashing
What is XSS?
How can XSS be used to exploit apps?
XSS prevention
What is CSRF?
Mitigating CSRF in Flask Apps
What is SQL injection?
Is SQL injection common?
Improve user authentication
Improve DB data storage
Explore data encryption options
API authentication
Managing API users
Explain and fix all detected issues using the Bandit package
What is input injection?
What is assert?
Why are asserts dangerous?
What is yaml.load?
Potential dangers in using yaml.load

Skills Learned

Overview of course and course-level learning objectives
Quick overview of some common concepts and resources for securing your app
Learn how to use Bandit to detect potential security issues in your Python code
Understand how to implement the Flask-Security package
Understand the risk of XSS and how to mitigate this in your Flask app
Understand how CSRF attacks work and how to mitigate them in your Flask app
Understand how SQL injection works and how to mitigate in your app
Explore the various HTTP headers that allow an application to work with the browser to control security
Improve the security of our app using what we’ve learned
Increase security of our app using what we’ve learned
Increase security in the apps APIs
Explain and fix all detected issues using the Bandit package
Learn about various types of input injections
Understand why we only use asserts to communicate with other developers, and never for production evaluations
Understand how to securely parse yaml data in your app

Who Should Attend This Course

This online training course is for anyone looking to properly secure your Python applications.


None, but we recommend that students either attend Python Foundations or have equivalent Python experience.


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