Django (High Level Web framework)


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Course Description:

Django is the most popular and a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. It’s free and Open Source. Building web sites with Django is not just smart and efficient, but fun too! Since it is built on the Python language, it offers codes that are robust and increases productivity. Organizations like Pinterest, Mozilla, and NASA rely on Django developers to power their mission critical applications. 




Course Topics

Day 1 

  • Module 1 Introduction to Django 
  • Module 2 Generating Simple Django Views 

Day 2 

  • Module 3 Configuring URLconf’s 
  • Module 4 Django Templates  

Day 3  

  • Module 5 Forms  
  • Module 6 Database Models with Django  

Day 4  

  • Module 7 Using the Django Admin Interface  
  • Module 8 Access Control with Sessions and Users  

Day 5  

  • Module 9 Generic Views  
  • Module 10 Deploying Django Applications  
  • Module 11 Django Case Studies 

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Django 

  • Introduction 
  • About Django 
  • Django Components 
  • Installing & Configuring Django Components 
  • Django Pre-Requisites 
  • Downloading & Installing Django  
  • Choosing a Database 
  • Creating a New Project 

Module 2: Generating Simple Django Views 

  • Generating Simple Django Views 
  • About View Functions 
  • Using Django’s HttpResponse Class 
  • Understanding HttpRequest Objects 
  • Using QueryDict Objects 

Module 3: Configuring URLconf’s  

  • Configuring URLconf’s 
  • About URLconf  
  • Regular Expressions 
  • Expression Examples  
  • Simple URLConf Examples 
  • Using Multiple URLConf’s  
  • Passing URL Arguments 

Module 4: Django Templates 

  • About Templates  
  • Template Fundamentals  
  • Creating Template Objects  
  • Loading Template Files  
  • Filling in Template Content (Context Objects) 
  • Template Filters 
  • Template Tags  
  • More on For Loops  
  • Template Inheritance  
  • Easy Rendering of Templates  
  • RequestContext Processors 
  • Global Context Processors 

Module 5: Forms  

  • Getting Data From the Request Object 
  • A Simple Form-Handling Example 
  • Making a Contact Form  
  • Tying Form Objects Into Views 

Module 6: Database Models with Django 

  • About Database Models  
  • Configuring Django for Database Access  
  • Understanding Django Apps  
  • About Django Models  
  • Defining Django Models  
  • Understanding Model Fields & Options  
  • Table Naming Conventions  
  • Creating A Django Model  
  • Adding the App to Your Project  
  • Validating the App  
  • Generating & Reviewing the SQL  
  • Adding Data to the Model  
  • Primary Keys and the Model  
  • Simple Data Retrieval Using a Model  
  • Understanding QuerySets  
  • Applying Filters  
  • Specifying Field Lookups  
  • Lookup Types  
  • Slicing QuerySets  
  • Specifying Ordering in QuerySets  
  • Common QuerySet Methods  
  • Deleting Records  
  • Managing Related Records  
  • Retrieving Related Records  
  • Using Q Objects  
  • Creating Forms from Models  

Module 7: Using the Django Admin Interface  

  • Using the Django Admin Interface  
  • Enabling the Admin Interface  
  • Creating an Admin User 

Module 8: Access Control with Sessions and Users  

  • Access Control with Sessions and Users  
  • Cookies & Django  
  • The Django Session Framework  
  • Sessions in Views  
  • Session Tuning  
  • Installing Django User Authentication  
  • Using Authentication in Views  
  • Login and Logout  
  • Building your Own Login/Logout Views  
  • Authentication Decorators  
  • Adding & Deactivating Users  
  • Asynchronous Messaging  
  • Managing Permissions 

Module 9: Generic Views  

  • Simple Generic Views 
  • Using Generic Redirects  
  • Other Generic Views  
  • Create/Update/Delete Generic views  

Module 10: Deploying Djanogo Applications  

  • Deploying Django Applications  

Module 11: Django Case Studies  

  • Django Case Studies. 

Target Audience

This course is beneficial for the Python developers who want to increase their knowledge with Django and for the web developers. 

This course offer Django framework ( MTV ) training with hands on session using Aptana Studio 3.2. 

Set up Requirements

Computer with the following software Tool :Aptana Studio 3.2 Operating System: Red Hat Linux / Window XP/Vista/7 Active Python 2.7.3 Django 1.4.8 


Advance Python Skills


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