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Our networking courses help you gain the skills to implement, support, optimize, and defend networks, while preparing for industry-recognized networking certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, CISCO, and more. We use hands-on networking and wireless training to help you master the skills required to understand, build and maintain networks and infrastructures. You’ll build your networking knowledge in a real-world, multi-vendor environment, and then focus on specialized disciplines with TCP/IP training, IPv6 training, and more.

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CompTIA A+ Core 2

40 hours

CompTIA’s A+ certification is the industry standard for validating the …

What you'll learn
Support operating systems.
Install, configure, and maintain operating systems.
Maintain and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows.
Configure and troubleshoot network connections.
Manage users, workstations, and shared resources.
Implement physical security.
Secure workstations and data.
Troubleshoot workstation security issues.
Support and troubleshoot mobile operating systems and applications.
Implement operational procedures.

CompTIA A+ Core 1

40 hours

CompTIA’s A+ certification is the industry standard for validating the …

What you'll learn
Install and configure PC system unit components and peripheral devices.
Install, configure, and troubleshoot display, multimedia devices, storage devices, and internal system components.
Explain network infrastructure concepts.
Configure and troubleshoot network connections.
Implement client virtualization.
Support and troubleshoot laptops, mobile devices and print devices.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+)

40 hours

Course Description This course will prepare participants to take the …

What you'll learn
Set up a computer workstation and use basic software applications.
Explain the functions and types of devices used within a computer system.
Apply basic computer maintenance and support principles.
Describe some principles of software and database development.
Configure computers and mobile devices to connect to home networks and to the Internet.
Identify security issues affecting the use of computers and networks.