4 Top Cybersecurity Certifications that Grow Your Cybersecurity Career


In today’s business environment, it’s not enough to simply put in your 40 hours, especially in the cybersecurity field. Cyber criminals are cagey. Their tactics and capabilities advance quickly. As a cybersecurity specialist, you have to keep up.

Adding cybersecurity certifications to your resume keeps your knowledge and skill set current and indicates your expertise to employers. These certifications are a great way to keep your cybersecurity career on an upward trajectory.

With so many certifications on the market, the trick is knowing which certifications are worth investing your time and money into.

As tech experts, we track which certifications really make a difference, not only to your career, but also to your effectiveness on the job. Below are our four top cybersecurity certification picks for every professional level.

Beginner: Cybersecurity bootcamp certifications

Cybersecurity bootcamps are becoming more and more prominent in the professional training landscape. They deliver an accelerated learning experience that helps professionals either enter or pivot into the cybersecurity field.

These courses are highly effective, however, it’s important to look for some key components, a certification being one of these.

If you’re new to the cybersecurity field and/or building your resume, a completion certification is crucial. It informs prospective employers that you have the technical chops to fill their cybersecurity needs. And in many cases, employers accept cybersecurity bootcamp certifications in lieu of a four-year degree.

At CCS Learning Academy, our Cybersecurity Specialist Certification Program includes a certification as well as:

  • Hand-on projects based on real-life scenarios
  • Certified subject matter experts teaching the course
  • Job placement assistance during and 12 months after your graduation

Intermediate:  Certified Authorization Professional (CAP)

If you’re currently in an information security career and are looking to advance your skills, the Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) certification is a solid step forward.

This industry standard certification is globally recognized and provides a solid base for future career growth. It indicates you know how to conduct the security authorization of information systems, categorize them, establish, assess, and apply the baseline for security control.

The CAP certification is designed for professionals with at least one year experience with information management systems, networks, or data servers and systems.

The certification exam for the CAP requires focused prep if you intend to pass it on the first try. Our CAP certification prep course is a three-day, instructor-led, online program that fully prepares you for the exam. We include an exam coupon and job placement assistance in the program fees.

Advanced Intermediate: Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) Certification

Next in the cybersecurity certification lineup is Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP). This certification requires field experience. It’s a good choice for those interested in moving to middle management roles or specialist roles.

Earning this certification truly moves your skills firmly into the cybersecurity realm. You learn to:

  • describe the security and the alignment of assessment management to risk management
  • evaluate the risk management options and the use of access controls to protect assets.
  • evaluate cloud and wireless security
  • prepare for incident detection and response

Many professionals ready for this certification are pressed for time. CCS Learning Academy offers the CCSP certification training as a live instructor-led program as well as an eLearning bundle. The eLearning version includes instructional videos, interactive exercises, and audio presentations. The self-paced, on-demand  structure allows you access to the material you need to pass the certification exam whenever and wherever you’re ready for it.

Advanced: CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+)

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) is for high-level professionals interested in stepping deeper into the cybersecurity space. Designed for IT professionals in the cybersecurity with real-world experience with technical administration of enterprise environments, it shows employers you’ve reached the SME level.

This training includes:

  • Leveraging collaboration tools and technology to support enterprise security
  • Learning how to integrate advanced authentication and authorization techniques Implementing cryptographic techniques
  • And more  


Cybersecurity is a booming tech field with a projected upward trajectory. Adding certifications to your resume builds your skills, keeps you relevant, and ensures your career is moving forward.

CCS Learning Academy is a one-stop-shop for industry standard courses that reflect the industry’s trends, developments, and foundational elements. Whether you’re just starting out or moving into an advanced role, we have the training that matters. For more details, contact us at 858-208-4141 or sales@ccslearningacademy.com