4 Corporate Tech Trainings That Revolutionize Your Workforce


It’s one thing to say “Yes! We’re investing in corporate training!” And quite another to source said corporate training.

Not only do you have to choose a relevant topic, but you also want a course that gives you maximum return.

In today’s tech dependent landscape, building a digitally savvy workforce is a must. Investing in your team’s digital capabilities ensures your workers can optimize your tech tools, strengthens your cybersecurity, and shields you from the current labor shortage.

As tech experts, we see which corporate tech trainings truly benefit a company’s landscape. These best-of-breed programs help employees learn about the latest technological developments and trends, empower them to excel in diverse verticals, and reveal opportunities for sustainable growth at both the individual and business levels.

Below are four of the best corporate tech training programs that deliver relevant, actionable knowledge and skills that position your team for future growth.

1. ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Training

The ITIL Foundation Certification Training is designed for your entire workforce, technical and non-technical. It ensures everyone has a practical understanding of common programming languages, critical concepts, foundational principles, and more. It creates a shared body of skills and knowledge that facilitate better communication around tech, informed system operations, and overall better tech usage.

See CCS Learning Academy’s ITIL certification training

2. KnowBe4 Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Your employees are your best defense against cybercrime. Keeping their cybersecurity awareness up and their ability to respond to attacks needs to be an ongoing priority. The KnowBe4 security awareness training is a renowned cybersecurity program that uses an innovative interactive platform to boost cybersecurity skills and test abilities. This is an in-depth curricula that goes beyond the one-and-done video courses and makes cybersecurity awareness part of your corporate culture.

Learn more about CCS Learning Academy’s KnowBe4 Cybersecurity Awareness training.

3. Change Management

Upskilling employees’ soft skills is just as impactful as boosting their technical skills. Given the impact Covid-19 and other world events have on the business landscape, Change Management abilities ensure your workforce can take sudden shifts and pivots in your business without breaking stride. This is a soft skill that is foundational to an agile and responsive workforce.

Visit CCS Learning Academy’s Change Management training.

4. Bootcamp Programs

Bootcamps are an expedient path to fully preparing individuals to step into a specific tech field in a short amount of time. They’re a popular way of sourcing qualified tech professionals that are deploy-ready for entry level roles. From data analytics and business intelligence to full-stack development, bootcamp programs are optimal for helping current staff expand their tech abilities or to help them shift to a new position.

See all CCS Learning Academy’s Bootcamp Programs.


Sourcing impactful corporate training is no easy task, and yet it’s key to keeping your employees engaged (and with you!) and your business competitive.

CCS Learning Academy offers a full spectrum of affordable yet effective hig quality corporate training courses in one convenient location.

Upskilling, rekilling, and expanding your team’s tech capabilities needs to be more than an occasional perk. Like upgrading equipment, investing in their knowledge and skills keeps your company competitive, productive, and at the forefront of your industry. Want to know more about CCS Learning Academy’s corporate training? Contact us! Our experienced team is happy to help craft the best training experience for your team and your company.