Ramp Up 360°: The new talent sourcing solution you didn’t know you needed

Ramp Up 360°: The new talent sourcing solution you didn’t know you needed

The hiring process for tech employees can be especially headache-inducing for the HR team. You have a lot to stress over: the time and cost involved with finding a new employee, the recruiting and interviews, and the hit-or-miss aspect of finally landing someone who can actually do what their resume claims they can.Step away from LinkedIn. We have a solution for you.

Introducing Ramp Up 360°

As the professional training division of CCS Global Tech, we know how hard it is to find qualified talent. We see companies struggling with it all the time. And those talent gaps are expensive! On average, an empty role costs a company $98 per day. And since it takes about 42 days to hire, that equates to over $4k—just to find the talent and extend an offer. This doesn’t include the time and expense needed to onboard the new hire and make them a contributing team member. Ramp Up 360° breaks this cycle.With Ramp Up 360°, our “recruit, train, place” approach allows you to develop a talent creation pipeline you can tap into whenever you need it., e.g., for special projects and team expansions or to fill empty roles, to name a few.It’s a simple three-step process:

  1. You tell us what type of talent you need, the number of people, and any special requirements, like technologies and applications
  2. We find the talent, handle the vetting, and if needed, train them in your specific technologies
  3. You choose who you want to work with and they get to work.

It’s an expedient, cost-effective talent sourcing method that slashes the hiring timeline and allows your company to capitalize with a much faster ROI.

Big picture benefits

When you’re pressed for time and simply need bodies in seats doing the work, stepping away from the traditional hiring path can seem risky and inefficient. We encourage you to take a breath and consider what Ramp Up 360° delivers:

  • Ready-to-deploy workers skilled and trained specifically in technologies you use
  • A scalable staffing solution that expands or reduces to suit your needs
  • A diverse pool of trained, motivated, and talented candidates—many of whom are Veterans with security clearances

The program eliminates the need to gamble your time and money on recruiting full-time tech staffers who you don’t always need in permanent positions and/or who may not be a good fit for your business in the long run. With Ramp Up 360°, you have the exact number of tech pros you need, at the correct career level, with the correct skill set. That frees up resources that you can redirect to the customer-facing aspects of your company.Another benefit of using Ramp Up 360° is that we specialize in cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, and data science. That means we have talented pros on hand who are already trained in these key tech fields. They’re up to speed on all the latest methods and cutting-edge technologies. And they’re ready to go!

The big takeaway

Today’s business environment is competitive and moves fast. Staying effective requires agility and flexibility. Ramp Up 360° gives you both. It’s also completely customizable. If you need to go “off menu,” we can make it happen.You don’t have time to cling to old-fashioned and inefficient staffing processes. Save your company’s valuable resources. Tap into Ramp Up 360° and transform talent sourcing into a manageable lift you can do headache-free.Want to know more about Ramp Up 360°? Contact us! We’re happy to help.