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Course Description

The PeopleCert Scrum Product Owner I certification covers the fundamental knowledge and skills required for a candidate to build their knowledge and skills regarding Scrum principles and practices. In addition, the PeopleCert SCRUM Product Owner II certification (which is the next level of the qualification) covers more advanced skills, practices and knowledge about the Scrum framework.

The body of knowledge underlying these skills are presented in the official courseware provided by PeopleCert to accredited ATOs. The primary purpose of the syllabus is to provide a basis for accreditation of people involved with the Scrum framework. It documents the learning outcomes related to the qualification and describes the requirements a candidate is expected to meet to demonstrate that these learning outcomes have been achieved at the specific qualification level.







How does Scrum work?

Based on Agile principles, it enables teams to self-organise by encouraging close collaboration between all team members and the specialisms involved. Scrum challenges the assumptions of the sequential approach to product development and replaces it with an iterative process. It includes a set of meetings, tools, and roles that work in harmony to help teams structure and manage their work. The goal of this approach is to timely capture changes in customers’ needs, along with any other unpredictable challenges that may occur — for which a sequential approach is not suited. As such, Scrum uses an evidencebased framework that embraces the fact that problems cannot be fully defined upfront. Instead, it focuses on maximising the team’s ability to respond to emerging requirements, deliver value quickly, and adapt to new market conditions.

Why is it important to hold a Scrum certification?

Holding a Scrum certification proves the candidate’s familiarity with Scrum practices, beyond the mere knowledge of terminology. It shows to employers thatthe candidate has the potential to be the person they need to cover the Scrum Master role in their teams.

Whether the candidate is a Scrum beginner or a seasoned professional, a certification a significant advantage when aiming to motivate and lead teammates. The PeopleCert Scrum Master credential showcases that the candidate has the skills necessary to lead an agile team successfully.

PeopleCert SCRUM Qualification structure

The PeopleCert Scrum qualification scheme has been structured as follows:


  • PeopleCert Scrum Master I (14-16 training hours) – Candidates will understand the Scrum framework and why it is needed by organisations today, learn the characteristics of effective Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Developers, and discover the practices, processes, and technology used for adapting Scrum within an organisation.
  • PeopleCert Scrum Master II (14-16 training hours) – Candidates will master the Scrum framework, the soft skills that are essential for a successful Scrum Master and their day-to-day application during a Sprint, develop a deep understanding of what it means to think and act in an agile way, and learn the most common frameworks for scaling Scrum.
  • PeopleCert Scrum Product Owner I (14-16 training hours) – Candidates will understand the Scrum framework and the role of the Product Owner, learn about Value-Driven Product Management and how to

Purpose of the Scrum Product Owner I Qualification

The purpose of this qualification level is to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge, understanding and application of the Scrum framework and be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a Scrum Team

Target Audience

This certification is the first level of the PeopleCert Scrum Product Owner qualification scheme provided by PeopleCert and is aimed at anyone who wishes to become an efficient member of a Scrum environment and requires candidates to have and demonstrate a solid knowledge and understanding of the Scrum terms, principles, tools and practices, as well as demonstrate their application skills of how to use tools efficiently and effectively. The certification can also cater for candidates seeking personal certification.

This certification will provide all the required level of knowledge to its holders and will certify that they have a solid understanding of Scrum using various tools.

An advanced level of skills and knowledge is covered in PeopleCert Scrum Product Owner II which is the next level of the PeopleCert Scrum qualification scheme provided by PeopleCert.

Learning Objectives

At this qualification level, candidates will be introduced to basic concepts, terms, principles and tools used for Scrum as well as why Scrum is needed in modern enterprises, the Scrum methodology, people and culture implications as well as the practices, processes, and technology used for adapting Scrum within an organization. Holders of the PeopleCert Scrum Product Owner I certification, will be able to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and practical application of:

  • The definition and purpose of Agile Agile Project Management
  • The Scrum Basics: Scrum Team, Scrum Artifacts, Scrum Events
  • The definition of product Strategy, Vision, Planning and Value
  • The Core competencies of the Product Owner and collaboration with Stakeholders
  • The Product Backlog management

Detailed Syllabus

  • Agile Project Management Fundamentals
  • Scrum Fundamentals
  • Value-Driven Product Management
  • The Product Owner Role
  • Product Backlog Management

Qualification Scheme Level

Through the above learning objectives, candidates will demonstrate relevant knowledge skills in the following areas:

  • Agile Project Management Fundamentals
  • Scrum Fundamentals
  • Value-Driven Product Management
  • The Product Owner Role
  • Product Backlog Management


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