LGBTQ+ Best Practices

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This training provides participants with a complete overview of respecting LGBTQ+ people in the workplace and communities. There are many aspects of terminology, stereotypes, political debates, and other challenging concepts that present barriers to allyship for this community. This training will unpack challenging terms, challenge misconceptions about the community, provide participants with applicable best practices, and help the organization create a respectful community for their LGBTQ+ employees and customers.




Key Topics

  • Introduction to the LGBTQ+ culture and community
  • Important laws that impact the LGBTQ+ community
  • Addressing personal beliefs, moral dilemmas, and workplace expectations
  • Overview of DEI&B and Sense of Belonging for LGBTQ+ employees
  • Community interactions & the Coming Out Process
  • LGBTQ+, LGBT, LGBTQQIAA2S, and other acronyms
  • First Impressions of LGBTQ+ people and unpacking stereotypes
  • Sex & Gender Guide with LGBTQ+ identity categories and terminology
  • Important LGBTQ+ community terminology
  • People First Language vs Identity First Language
  • Being an LGBTQ+ Ally and what that looks like in day-to-day practice
  • Exploring resources for LGBTQ+ communities in your area

Facilitation Strategies

The Trainer can deliver the training through Zoom or through the organization’s online platform of choice. Participants will engage in interactive activities layered with opportunities for self-reflection and small group dialogue. Handouts, reflection worksheets, and small group discussion guidelines will be included in the provided digital materials. Small group break-out discussions can be used to explore many of the topics. Even in the virtual platform, the presentations are engaging and encourage active audience participation that strengthens the overall learning environment.


As requested by the organization, a pre-test and post-test evaluation can be distributed to all attendees for each portion of the training to properly assess the effectiveness of each portion and to track the organization’s progress on their DEI&B learning objectives. The Trainer will work with the organization to develop the evaluations to ensure that the assessment is tracking the knowledge and skills that best align with their goals.


With CCS Learning Academy, you’ll receive:

  • Instructor-led training
  • Training Seminar Student Handbook
  • Collaboration with classmates (not currently available for self-paced course)
  • Real-world learning activities and scenarios
  • Enjoy job placement assistance for the first 12 months after course completion.
  • Placement assistance for first 12 months
  • This course is eligible for CCS Learning Academy’s Learn and Earn Program: get a tuition fee refund of up to 50% if you are placed in a job through CCS Global Tech’s Placement Division*
  • Government and Private pricing available.*
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