C)PTC- Certified Penetration Testing Consultant


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Course Description:

The Certified Penetration Testing Consultant, C)PTC , course is designed for IT Security Professionals and IT Network Administrators who are interested in taking an in-depth look into specific penetration testing and techniques used against operating systems. This course will teach you the necessary skills to work with a penetration testing team, the exploitation process, and how to create a buffer overflow against programs running on Windows and Linux while subverting features such as DEP and ASLR.







Suggested Prior Knowledge:

Suggested Prior Knowledge:

*  Mile2 C)PEH and C)PTE or equivalent knowledge

* 2 years of experience in Networking Technologies

*  Sound knowledge of TCP/IP

* Computer hardware knowledge

Applicable Exams:

*  Mile2 C)PTC

CPEs:  40


Module 1 – Penetration Testing Team Formation

Module 2 – NMAP Automation

Module 3 – Exploitation Process

Module 4 – Fuzzing with Spike

Module 5 – Simple Buffer Overflow

Module 6 – Stack Based Windows Buffer Overflow

Module 7 – Web Application Security and Exploitation

Module 8 – Linux Stack Smashing & Scanning

Module 9 – Linux Address Space Layout Randomization

Module 10 – Windows Exploit Protection

Module 11 – Getting AroundSEH ASLR

Module 12 – Penetration Testing Report Writing

Who Should Attend

  • IS Security Officers
  • Cybersecurity Managers/Administrators
  • Penetration Testers
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Auditors

Upon Completion

Upon completion, the Certified Penetration Testing Consultant, C)PTC, candidate will have solid knowledge of testing and reporting proceedures which will prepare them for upper management roles within a cybersecurity system.  They will be able to competently take the C)PTC exam.

Re-Certification Requirements

All  Mile2 certifications will be awarded a 3-year expiration date.

There are two requirements to maintain Mile2 certification: 

1)  Pass the most current version of the exam for your respective existing certification

2)  Earn 20 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) per year. You may submit your CEUs in your Mile2 inbox. These CEUs must fall under “Qualify Continuing Educational Activities).

Exam Information

The Certified Penetration Testing Consultant exam consists of two parts:

The first part is a completely hands-on penetration test in which the examinee will find specific flags and write a complete report.

The second part are the exams through the online Mile2’s Assessment and Certification System (“MACS”).  The examinee will take two exams. One is a few questions selecting the flags found during the hands-on exam and the second is an exam that will take 2 hours and consist of 100 multiple-choice questions.

The hands-on exam requires 4 of 5 systems to be exploited and the 2nd exam requires a 70% passing score.


With CCS Learning Academy, you’ll receive:

  • 5 Day Certified Instructor-led training
  • Enjoy job placement assistance for the first 12 months after course completion.
  • This course is eligible for CCS Learning Academy’s Learn and Earn Program: get a tuition fee refund of up to 50% if you are placed in a job through CCS Global Tech’s Placement Division*
  • Government and Private pricing available.*

*For more details call: 858-208-4141 or email: training@ccslearningacademy.com

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