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Live in California? Here’s are 3 Key Factors to Finding the Best Data Engineering Training in the State

Live in California? Here’s are 3 Key Factors to Finding the Best Data Engineering Training in the State

A recent study shows that California has more than 5700 open information research scientist jobs – higher than any other US state! This number represents around one-fifth of the total data science jobs currently available in the country. And these are well paid positions. California’s data scientists and engineers earn more than the national average. With more job opportunities and better wages, stepping into a data scientist/engineering career in California is a smart move.  The big question is: How do you get started?

In today’s marketplace, landing an entry level position doesn’t always require a four year college degree. Employers are looking for candidates with pertinent knowledge and skills. The key is finding data science or engineering courses or bootcamp programs that deliver a high-level learning experience, including hands-on opportunities. 

Finding a credible training provider can be overwhelming. There are a lot of vendors in the market all claiming to deliver “the best” technical training. Here are three key factors to consider when choosing a data science or data engineering course. 

#1 Industry-Standard Curriculum

Data science and engineering is an ever-evolving field. Successful professionals  have to be well-versed in a wide range of computing skills: computer science, statistics, various programming languages (Python, SQL, etc.). It’s critical to choose a training provider that uses updated, industry-standard curricula. This ensures you’re learning relevant applications, pertinent skills, and the knowledge needed to prepare you for any real life scenario. 

Take the time to interview training providers and research their offerings. This groundwork will help you uncover the best data engineering courses in Los Angeles or other cities. 

#2 Job Placement Opportunities

Your ultimate goal is to land a lucrative tech position. Not all training providers include job placement assistance as part of their programs. Again, this is a question to ask when vetting providers. Yes, there are a lot of open data scientist and data engineering positions in California, but that doesn’t mean the job search is any easier. Connecting with a training provider who offers job placement assistance will ease your job search journey and help you land a tech job faster.

#3 Theoretical vs. Practical Learning

Theoretical knowledge is necessary to fully understand any core concept. Data science and data engineering are no exception. However, today’s employers are looking for tech professionals with real world experience. Theoretical know-how isn’t enough to land a job. You need hands-on experience. 

Again, not every technology training includes practical learning. Many training providers stop with theory and book learning. When researching providers, be sure they include hands-on projects and learning opportunities in their curricula. Overlooking this element can greatly hamper your ability to land your dream job.

The CCS Learning Academy Difference

As stated above, there are a lot of technology training providers to choose from. We know choosing one can be tough. Here’s a question to help you narrow down your options:

How Many are Tech Professionals? 

We are. We use our knowledge of and insights into today’s tech sector to inform our course offerings. We know what employers are looking for and what tech professionals need to be relevant in the workplace. Our instructors are working professionals who bring real-world examples and scenarios to your learning experience. 

As well as our data engineering courses, we offer a 12-week Data Science & Data Engineering Bootcamp program that fully prepares you for entry level roles in San Diego and beyond. 

Here’s What You Get:

  • Certified instructors
  • instruction on current application and technologies
  • Job placement assistance
  • Tuition compensation
  • Personalized coaching in small cohorts
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Referral rewards


Data science and data engineering opportunities are everywhere. Whether you’re in California or some other location, these are high-demand fields that are projected to keep growing. If you’re interested in entering the tech sector or are planning a career change, data science and data engineering are career options that give you room to grow. 

Want to know more about our Bootcamp programs? Need help getting started? Contact us! We help people start their new tech careers every day. We’re happy to help.