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A Beginner’s Guide to Data Science Courses in Southern California

A Beginner’s Guide to Data Science Courses in Southern California

What steps do I need to take to become a data scientist? What are the most important skills for a data scientist to learn right now? If you’re considering a career in data science, these are the questions keeping you up at night.

It’s true that data science is the “hottest job of the twenty-first century” and has all the buzz, glitz, and traffic of a Hollywood movie star. But many would-be data science professionals struggle to parse out what this profession entails and/or how to step into the field.

The good – and surprising – news is you don’t need a four year degree to become a data scientist. In today’s business climate, employers are looking for tech professionals who have the skills and experience to get the job done, regardless of their education history. This opens the door to many more learning opportunities for today’s up-and-coming technology pros. Aspiring candidates can choose from a wide array of training providers who offer high-level data science learning for much less than a college degree. 

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What is a Data Scientist and Why they’re in Demand

The term “data scientist” represents a combination of abilities: science, math, statistics, chemometrics, and computer science. These individuals excel at analyzing data and deriving useful insights and actionable information businesses use to optimize their operations.

As business leaders continue to rely on data-driven business intelligence to garner market share and stay competitive, the demand for data scientists continues to rise. This increasing demand is creating a shortage of qualified data science professionals. The result is a booming job market. 

Data Science Foundational Learning Needs

Required skills include:

  • Machine learning techniques
  • Risk analysis
  • Data warehousing and structures
  • Skills in statistical analysis and math
  • Effective communication
  • Software engineering
  • Data mining, cleaning, and munging
  • Cloud-based applications

Foundation learning topics:

  • Programming: Coding is a big part of data science. From Python to SQL Server to R, you’ll need to be comfortable using various programming languages.

  • Linear algebra: Expressing data sets as matrices to understand concepts like vectorization and orthogonality, is part of the job. Linear algebra facilitates this type of data manipulation.

  • Calculus: To compute and problem solve quickly, you’ll be using tools like derivatives, integrals, and optimization to build relevant data models.

  • Probability: Data science involves forecasting the future. Probability gives you the needed know-how to predict how likely something is to occur, why two events are connected, and how these events impact business.

  • Statistics: Concepts like mean and percentiles allow you to explain the data as well as evaluate your hypothesis.

  • Machine learning: Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of data science, this advanced technology supports prediction activities.

How to Get Started

As stated above, a four year college degree isn’t a must-have in today’s business climate. Employers are looking for professionals with the knowledge and experience to get the job done. This allows would-be data science professionals to source their data science education from other more affordable sources.

CCS Learning Academy is one of those alternate training sources.

As technology experts with over 20 years in the tech sector, we use our knowledge of the industry to inform our course offerings. With data science on the rise, we’ve developed our Data Science & Data Engineering Bootcamp program to help upcoming professionals enter the workforce in less than six months.

In 12 Weeks, we Completely Prepare You to Land an Entry-Level Data Science Position. Here’s What’s Included:

  • Instruction on the latest application and technologies in the market
  • Hands-on, real world projects for portfolio-building
  • Small cohorts and personal mentoring
  • Flexible financing
  • Job search support (mock interviews, resume-building, etc.)
  • Job placement assistance for 12 months after graduation


Starting a new career is daunting, but possible. Data science is a hot career field and predicted to maintain its upward momentum. It’s a great place to enter the tech sector. We’re happy to help you get off to a strong start. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the best the data science training for you in Irvine.

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