How Bootcamps Kickstart Tech Careers

How Bootcamps Kickstart Tech Careers

The demand for tech talent is skyrocketing across the globe due to the accelerated advancements in the niche of digital technologies. However, universities aren’t supplying enough qualified individuals who can meet this increasing demand. The IT sector, therefore, is suffering from a talent shortage, with thousands of vacancies in fields like programming, data analytics, data science and engineering, cyber security, etc.

According to a recent report, there are over half a million open tech positions in the US. while only 65,000 university educated potential workers graduate each year. This labor crisis is a major dilemma for employers and it’s changing how employers evaluate potential hires. Specifically, they’re putting less weight on academic credentials and more emphasis on the ability to do the job.

Which is where bootcamp programs come in.

Bootcamp, an emerging education model, focuses on providing accelerated training to help individuals acquire the knowledge and skills needed for specific jobs. They’re often much cheaper than a four-year degree program and allow participants to enter the job market much faster. This style of education and training is recognized by current employers and offers quick entry into the tech profession.

CCS Learning Academy’s bootcamp programs: A no-nonsense learning approach focusing on practical skills

CCS learning Academy bootcamps are thoughtfully crafted to help candidates make a strong entry into the tech sector. We teach the knowledge and skills needed to be successful as a new professional, be it as a data scientist, cyber security expert, or web developer.

While a university education requires years to teach tech skills, like coding, bootcamps teach the same technical information but at an accelerated pace, typically eight to 12 weeks. Most often, bootcamp courses deliver more up-to-date and on-trend information as the curriculum is designed to make participants day one-ready. Bootcamp graduates earn certificates that are on par with university degrees.

Technical Training + Job Placement Assistance

Most bootcamps provide technical training and job placement assistance. The technical training helps you meet employers’ tech needs. Job placement assistance helps you navigate finding a new position. At CCS Learning Academy, this bonus support includes resume evaluations, mock interviews, career guidance, etc. We also connect our graduates to tech recruiters who have open positions to fill.

Zero in on Landing High-demand Roles

Unlike university programs that include a broader knowledge base, bootcamp programs zero in on helping you land a high-demand tech job. For example, data-oriented roles are in demand now as are data analytics, data science, and data engineering. Bootcamp programs focus solely on the knowledge and skills needed to perform entry level data-oriented job responsibilities. This specialized training includes the hands-on experience employers are looking for making it easy to land these open roles.

The median pay of data scientists is also on the higher side compared to most jobs. According to Glassdoor, data scientists earn around $113,300 annually, almost equivalent to physicians’ median earnings.

The Leading Bootcamp Provider in the US

The job market is changing. The traditional dependence on academic credentials for credibility is fading. Employers want workers who can get the job done. Bootcamps offer a solid alternative to knowledge and training building that employers accept. CCS Learning Academy’s job-oriented bootcamps are crafted to bridge the gap between classroom and employment. We offer the best bootcamp for cybersecurity, data analytics and business intelligence, data science and data engineering, and full-stack developer. Check out our full spectrum of bootcamps if you are looking to break into a new tech career. Contact our team for information and to apply!