How to Prepare for CAP Certification Training

How to Prepare for CAP Certification Training

The Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) program is designed for information security experts, who support system security while adhering to organizational risk tolerance levels, goals, and governing and legal requirements.

During the CAP certification program, trainees gain fundamental knowledge and learn essential skills required for managing and authorizing IT systems. They can then exhibit their expertise in security-related areas like designing and implementing security control systems, assessing and monitoring them, etc.

Individuals from IT security, information security policy, risk management, and other similar sectors may consider acquiring CAP certification to boost their careers significantly. But the question is: How do you prepare for CAP certification? Let’s find the answer below.

Preparing for CAP

CCS Learning Academy, the training partner of CCS Global Tech, offers the most effective CAP certification training online. Our instructor-led, three-day program will help you prepare for the CAP certification exam. Our course module includes (ISC)2’s industry-leading study materials and curriculum that have helped trainees pass the CAP certification exam on their first try.

Objectives of the Course

Our course aims to help trainees:

  1. Develop a deep understanding of security authorization so they can conduct it for information systems
  2. Classify different information systems
  3. Learn the techniques of applying diverse security controls
  4. Establish the baseline for security control
  5. Monitor and assess security controls

Who Should Enroll in This Program

Individuals with at least one year of experience in management and authorization of information systems like ISO 27001 may consider pursuing this course. You can also register for our certified authorization professional training if you work in any department listed below:

  1. IT security
  2. Information assurance
  3. Information security policy
  4. Systems administration
  5. Information risk management etc.

Professionals with a solid hold in NIST documentation or 1-2 years of experience in system development, database, or network management can also enroll in our program. You can also pursue this certification if you have two years of general technical or system experience. Experts with technical or auditing experience in healthcare, finance, or government agencies like the U.S. Department of Defense are good candidates for this program.

CAP Average Pay

Enrolling for CAP certification training will impact your earning potential. A recent study showed that the average salary of professionals with CAP certification is $124,610. This number has already doubled since the introduction of the field. This uptrend in CAP median pay will most likely continue in the coming years.


Earning the CAP certification is an investment in your future. Joining our all-inclusive, expert instructor-led CAP online training ensures you pass the certification exam on the first try. Our CAP certification training also ensures you leverage the certification throughout your career.

Contact us for more information and to register.