Four creative solutions for sourcing cybersecurity talent in today’s tight labor market

Four creative solutions for sourcing cybersecurity talent in today’s tight labor market

In today’s recruiting landscape, cybersecurity positions are some of the hardest to fill. Is the cybersecurity talent gap even real? Yes. Yes, it is. However, with some creative alterations to how you recruit cybersecurity positions and retain talented cybersecurity pros, you can more easily fill those positions and mitigate the threat posed from those jobs remaining open.While you’re short-staffed in the cybersecurity department, your immediate goal should be to increase everyone’s awareness of the dangers of cyberattacks. This will help keep your organization’s invaluable data safe while you continue your search for dedicated personnel to handle your cybersecurity needs. Although increasing awareness isn’t a perfect solution, it is an effective stopgap.

What caused the cybersecurity talent gap?

As with any complex problem, the reason for the cybersecurity talent gap is multifaceted:

  • The sudden shift to remote work in 2020 exposed organizational vulnerabilities in the data security of many companies. This coupled with the rising and more sophisticated cyber-attacks keep the demand for cybersecurity pros up.
  • As the demand for cybersecurity pros outpaces the number of qualified people to fill the positions, salaries for qualified personnel have steadily increased. This contributes to the cybersecurity staff shortage as companies can’t afford to hire as many people as they need.
  • And finally, because employers expect their current cybersecurity staff to take up the slack, burnout is contributing to the shortage of cybersecurity talent as over worked cyber pros leave the cybersecurity space.

All indicators suggest that the cybersecurity talent gap will not end anytime soon.

Four tips for sourcing cybersecurity talent

Although finding qualified cybersecurity pros is tricky, you still can fill vacant positions. It’s just a matter of seeking out alternatives. Here are four options that allow you to leverage current staff to address your organization’s cybersecurity needs.

  1. Upskill your IT team with cybersecurity training
    An alternative to maintaining a dedicated position for a single cybersecurity specialist is to expand your tech teams’ abilities to include cybersecurity via professional training. Increasing awareness and skill across all members of your team can be extremely effective in protecting your company from cyberattacks with the added bonus of keeping your employees engaged and committed to your organization.
  2. Reskill specialists from other IT fields who have been laid off
    If you need to fill a cybersecurity position but can’t find any candidates specifically qualified for the role, consider casting a wider net. A lot of companies have been laying off members of their IT staff over the past couple of years. Taking these non-cyber tech professionals on and training them to meet your cybersecurity needs allows you to sidestep the cybersecurity labor shortage while retaining tech know-how.
  3. Recruit non-tech talent into entry level positions
    It’s a myth that cybersecurity positions require a tech background. Some key traits for cybersecurity pros are being cautious, analytical, and observant. If you recruit someone who’s been in non-technical jobs that demand skills like those, then hiring them for entry level positions not only fills your cybersecurity gap, but also gives you the opportunity to develop budding talent.
    Pro tip: Veterans are particularly well suited for cybersecurity roles. Learn why hiring Veterans is a smart business move here.
  4. Source talent through outside agencies
    Many organizations are turning to staffing organizations to help source tech talent, including cybersecurity professionals. The best of these agencies maintain a pool of ready to deploy pros in various specialties who are trained on up-to-date technologies. Employers are increasingly choosing this option for the benefits it brings, such as no onboarding, faster placements, and the immediate ROI.


Certainly, the cybersecurity talent gap is real. But this problem has solutions if you think imaginatively and expansively. Any extra effort you put into hiring the personnel you need to mitigate cyberattacks is worth it because your company’s data is at risk.Need help finding qualified cybersecurity talent? Contact us! Our Ramp Up 360° talent sourcing program makes finding qualified professionals an easy lift.