Data Warehouse (OLAP) Design Techniques

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Last Update April 9, 2024
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About This Course

Course Description

Students will learn basic concepts, such as the purpose of Data Warehouses and how it is different from an OLTP database. The course will provide a thorough understanding of data warehousing concepts such as different types of dimensions, facts, and methodologies to design Data Warehouses or Data Marts. Student will be able to design DWHs using schemas such as STAR, SNOW FLAKE, and GALAXY. Students will be able to design multiple Slowly Changing, Degenerate, and Inferred Dimensions. In the concluding section, student will learn about ETL processes and options available to handle multiple data loads.

Learning Objectives

Develop and implement data warehouse designs
Perform requirements gathering
Analyze requirements
Identify star, snowflake, and galaxy schema
Manage dimensions and facts

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