Why Select Official (ISC)2 Training from CCS Learning Academy? 4 Key Reasons to Choose Us

(ISC)2 certification exams are as challenging as they are rewarding. Being fully prepared gives you confidence on exam day. Our goal is to help you pass it on the first try.

Why We Partner with (ISC)2

An organization specializing in information systems security, security training and certification are (ISC)2’s sweet spots. Created in 1988, the (ISC)2 Consortium was formed by a group of security organizations intent on creating an entity offering a vendor-neutral, standardized certification program to validate security professionals’ competence.

(ISC)2 is known for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification. However, it also offers numerous other certifications that are growing in popularity and employer desirability:

A non-profit organization, (ISC)2 has become the largest international association for information security. Its authorized providers are vetted to maintain high training standards.  

Over the intervening years, (ISC)2 security training and certifications have become industry standard. We include them in our offerings because we know their certifications have a high impact on tech professionals’ skillset, credibility, and earning potential.

4 Key Reasons to Choose Us as Your CISSP Learning Partner

Training providers are a dime a dozen it seems. Sorting through them to find your best fit can be overwhelming. And who has the time?!

Here are four key reasons to choose CCS Learning Academy:

01: An Exam Voucher is Included 

You need an exam voucher to sit for the CISSP exam. Not all training providers include this with their learning package. We do.  

02: Access to Current Training Materials

The cybersecurity landscape changes fast. (ISC)2 regularly updates their certification training materials to reflect new developments and trends. As an official provider, we have access to the most recent version. For certifications that are updated monthly, like the CISSP, this is particularly important. 

03: Our Instructors are (ISC)2 Certified

(ISC)2 vets instructors as well as training providers. This is something to check for as you research training options. All our (ISC)2 instructors are vetted and trained by (ISC)2. They’re also working professionals who bring real-world scenarios and knowledge to the classroom. You learn from motivated, talented professionals who love to teach.

04: We Offer Multiple Learning Modalities

We know every situation is different and that learning styles are unique. We make sure you have the tools needed to earn your (ISC)2 certification in the format that’s best for you. 

We offer several ways to prepare for the (ISC)2 exam, such as our live, online CISSP certification preparation course and our e-learning bundle. Our training professionals work with you to design the solution that fits your needs and goals.

Bonus Tip: Look Beyond the Price Tag and the Packaging

When it comes to choosing a training provider, you need to look beyond the flashy website and appealing price tags. Most of us are watching our budgets making those smaller price tags attractive. Beware! 

Unofficial courses tend to be cheaper and easier to attend. However, they don’t offer the same level of quality and reliability that an official course does. Take the time to research your training provider: 

  • Are they an (ISC)2 certified training partner?
  • Are their instructors (ISC)2 certified?
  • What does your tuition fee include? An exam voucher?
  • Are their materials up-to-date?
  • What happens if you need to retake the exam?

Official courses, on the other hand, are generally more expensive and have stricter entry requirements. Don’t let this deter you! Earning the CISSP certification is a huge boost to your resume. It’s worth the extra effort to find a reputable preparation course. 

A Sneak Peek: Discover our CISSP Online Self-paced Exam Preparation Course

This official (ISC)2 CISSP Training online self-paced course helps applicants to prepare for the demanding CISSP certification exam whenever and wherever they want, without sacrificing quality. 

It covers the eight areas of the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK), an in-depth overview of information security concepts and industry best practises. 

All learning activities improve the skills and knowledge needed to establish and manage security programs in any enterprise or government institution.

What Does Our CISSP Online, Self-paced Training Include?

  • From the time of purchase, you will have 180 days of access to the recordings and course content
  • Official (ISC)2 Student Training Guide (electronic format)
  • Approximately 30 hours of expert teaching in over 300 pre-recorded videos
  • Interactive flash cards to reinforce learning
  • Activities for independent reading and learning
  • Real-life events and case studies
  • After each domain, a knowledge check is performed
  • Evaluation test after the course to see if you’re ready for the exam

Students get on-demand access to video content from (ISC)2 authorized instructors — qualified CISSPs and subject matter experts – throughout this self-paced learning experience. 

To reinforce information and boost knowledge retention, course activities include real-world scenarios and industry issues. Following the discussion of each CISSP exam domain, instructors answer questions from past students, providing real-world advice, ideas, and lessons learned.


Is the CISSP certification exam hard? Yes. Is it a smart career move? Yes. Can you do it? YES! And we’re here to help you. Check out our CISSP certification training courses today and let’s get started!

Want to enroll in the official CISSP certification training program? Need help with scheduling or financing? Contact us! We’re happy to help.