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Top 10 Cloud Computing Certifications and Courses for 2024

Top 10 Cloud Computing Certifications and Courses for 2024

In the modern world, where technology has spread to almost every corner of the globe, there is an increasing need for a system that can assist companies in data storage, hosting services, and maintaining databases that can be accessed remotely. 

This led to the development of cloud computing services, which help companies store their data and access it seamlessly. If you also want to implement this fantastic technology, you must get one of the top cloud computing certifications.

What is Cloud Computing? 


Cloud computing is the term used for all the on-demand IT services that are delivered to users on the Internet with a pay-as-you-go pricing method. In this technology infrastructure, you do not need to invest in any physical data centers or buy servers. You can just access the technology services that you need, such as online storage, databases, or computing power for your operations. 

The remote data centers from where you get the services are managed by the CSP or the cloud services provider. All you need is to find a suitable CSP for yourself that offers the services that you need and pay them the required amount for those services. However, if you want to be a part of a reputed cloud services provider firm, you can get top cloud computing certifications to begin with.

Why Should You Get a Cloud Computing Certification?

Getting one of the top cloud computing certifications will definitely give you an edge over other non-certified professionals working in the cloud-based services industry. Some of the key benefits of getting a cloud computing certification are as follows:

1. Preference in High Paying Job

Cloud computing is the talk of the town, and almost every company is using this technology to scale up their business by improving the efficiency of their operations. Therefore, a person who is a pro in cloud computing becomes a top candidate for a high-paying job.

Furthermore, there is a scarcity of professionals with top cloud computing certifications in the industry, creating a massive demand for skilled professionals. 

2. Better Job Security

As there are a limited number of professionals who are certified for cloud computing services, there is less likelihood that there will be any certified professional without a job in the industry. 

Most IT jobs are volatile in nature and will lose their significance in the coming time due to an increase in professionals with that skill or the introduction of a much better technology superseding the earlier tech. 

However, this is not the case with cloud computing as most companies are integrating cloud services, and there is an increasing need for professionals who can provide these services to them. 

3. Better Chances of Getting an Interview Call 

Most IT professionals don’t get a chance to even appear for an interview for their preferred jobs. With top cloud computing certifications on your profile, there is a better chance of you getting selected for the interview round at the company and getting a better chance at securing your favorite job. 

Moreover, with such certifications, you not only become a preferred candidate in your domestic job market but also get a chance to secure a job at any reputed multinational company. 

4. Cloud Computing is the Future

Cloud services are much needed for companies of all scales. However, this service is not affordable. So, companies mostly rely on CSPs to meet their cloud requirements, thus increasing the demand for CSPs in the digital space. 

Cloud technology has been increasingly applied in almost every industry, which has increased the popularity of this service. You can get this AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course to start your preparation for the certification exam. 

Top Cloud Computing Certifications

Following are some of the top cloud computing certifications that are likely to emerge in 2024. 

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is a cloud computing certification that will be in high demand in 2024. With this certificate, you will gain the expertise and recognition to handle several networks, computing, storage, and maintaining databases. 

To earn this certification, you can take up a course that covers all the essential syllabus topics. This will help you gain hands-on experience in the design and deployment of applications. 

Topics Covered in This Exam 

  • Designing dynamic large-scale applications
  • Migrating complex multi-tier applications
  • Cost optimization techniques
  • Implementation of deployment on AWS 


AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification is for associates who have been looking to boost their career growth. They must have at least two years of experience in designing and deploying cloud architecture. 

Job Opportunities 

  • Cloud Solution Engineer
  • Solution Architect 
  • AWS Cloud Computing Application Architect
  • Managing Solutions Architect


This certification costs approx $300.  

2. Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer

This certification is best suited for IT professionals who have an interest in designing and building a scalable, secure, and reliable architecture on the major Google Cloud platform. This will help you in making data-driven decisions using various methods of collection, transforming, and data publishing. 

Google Cloud certification is known for its specialty, and it will provide more flexibility to handle your system and leverage it for optimal performance. While preparing for this certification, you will learn how to design, build, and operate data processing systems, ensuring solutions’ quality and various other machine learning models. 

Topics Covered in This Exam

  • Building and maintaining data structures 
  • Ensuring data processing reliability 
  • Designing and developing machine learning models
  • Driving data-driven decisions 


To attain this certification, you must know how to handle the Google Cloud Platform. And have at least paid work experience in the IT sector. 

Job Opportunities 

  • GCP Cloud Python
  • DevOps GCP Engineer
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Principal Consultant


This certification costs approx $200.

3. Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert

This is one of the top cloud computing certifications. Azure Solutions Architect makes you an expert in designing hybrid and cloud solutions on Azure. Being an Azure solution architect expert, your job will be mainly to advise stakeholders on business requirements and its framework. You will be required to collaborate with developers, security and data engineers, and administrators. 

This will help you manage the role of IT operations like virtualization, security, identity, networking, disaster recovery, and business continuity. You can take AZ-900T00-A: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training course to know how to handle DevOps processes, maintain Azure administration, etc. 

Topics Covered in This Exam

  • Implementation, monitoring, and maintaining Azure infrastructure
  • Designing and implementing data storage solutions
  • Curating secure and reliable solutions. 


To earn this certification, you must have a fundamental knowledge of IT operations like networking, identity, security, disaster recovery, budgeting, virtualization, governance, and business continuity. 

Job Opportunities 

  • Azure Solution Architect
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Azure Cloud Engineer
  • Strategic Architect


This certification costs approx $165. 

4. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Architect Professional

This OCI certification is best known for providing an in-depth understanding and practical experience of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. To become an expert in Oracle Cloud Architect, you must have better hands-on experience in architecting and cloud infrastructures. This certification helps you demonstrate your knowledge and skills in the industry with more proficiency. 

Furthermore, this certification exam will test your ability to craft cloud-based solutions and optimization or analyzing skills of business processes. This certification needs diverse knowledge of technologies and cloud concepts. 

Topics Covered in This Exam

  • Advanced architecture design
  • Networking concepts 
  • Security features on OCI
  • Data management and optimization 


To earn this certification, you must have a certificate of OCI architect associate. You must have a solid background in computer science and programming languages. 

Job Opportunities 

  • Page Lead System Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • GCP Data Architect
  • Infrastructure Architect 


This certification costs approx $245. 

5. Google Certified Professional (GCP) Cloud Architect

The GCP cloud architect course will teach you skills that will help you use the Google Cloud technologies in an effective way. With this certification, you will be able to design cloud solution architectures, optimize the technical and various business processes, manage cloud architecture, ensure reliance on operations and better security and compliance systems. 

In short, you will be able to develop, manage, and design a secure, robust, and dynamic solution platform on GCP platforms.

Topics Covered in This Exam

  • Planning and designing cloud solution architecture
  • Ensuring solution and operations reliability
  • Cloud architecture implementation management


To become eligible for this certification, you must have some experience with managing GCP products and services. 

Job Opportunities 

  • Technical Architect
  • Google Cloud Architect
  • Google Cloud Platform Develop
  • Cloud Technical Lead


To get this certification, you need to pay an exam fee of approx $200. 

6. Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

This is a global certification offered by ISC2 which is often regarded as the gold standard when it comes to cloud security certifications. During the course of this certification, you will get a good knowledge of the various modalities of cloud security architecture, its design, and various stages of its operations. 

With a CCSP certification, one can excel in cyberspace and information technology and can get into top software security jobs. You will be the one who is responsible for implementing all the best practices of cloud security, operations, and service orchestration. You can get this CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) Exam Prep, which will help you prepare for this certification exam.  

Topics Covered in This Exam

  • Cloud architecture
  • Risk management
  • Security operations
  • Legal issues
  • Governance
  • Compliance 


To become eligible for this certification, you must have at least 5 years of paid work experience in the IT industry, of which three years must be in work related to information security and at least one year in any of the six domains of CCSP CBK. 

Job Opportunities

  • Security Operations Engineer
  • Cyber & Cloud Security Engineer 
  • Manager or Deputy Manager
  • Application security architect
  • Compliance technology specialist


To get this certification, you need to pay an exam fee of approx $599. 

7. CompTIA Cloud+

This certification validates that you have relevant knowledge and understanding of cloud computing. It also demonstrates the ability of you to implement skills in designing, implementing, and securing cloud environments. 

This certification helps you structure the cloud infrastructure design, deployment, operate, and troubleshoot the system. CompTIA Cloud+ allows you to perform effectively in the jobs. This certification is recognized worldwide, and if you have this certification, you will get various high-paying jobs. You can enroll in the CompTIA Cloud+ course to prepare for your certification exam. 

Topics Covered in This Exam

  • Troubleshooting of cloud solutions
  • Security, maintenance, and management of the system
  • Configuration and deployment of cloud solution 


To earn this CompTIA Cloud+, you must have at least two or three years of experience in system administration. 

Job Opportunities 

  • Cloud Specialist
  • Systems Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • System Administrator

This certification costs approx $319. 

8. AWS Certified Security – Specialty

This certification requires at least fundamental knowledge and clearance in security-related concepts. AWS certified security specialty certification is to give professionals an advanced knowledge of security concepts and keep them well-equipped with trending requirements. 

This credential is recognized worldwide, and many big organizations look for professionals who are AWS-certified. So, getting this certification is worthy and will provide you with more advanced practical knowledge and skills. 

Topics Covered in This Certification

  • Incident response
  • Infrastructure security
  • Identity and access management
  • Data protection
  • Logging and monitoring 


If you have at least two years of practical experience in AWS, you are eligible to get this certification. 

Job Opportunities

  • AWS Information Security Engineer
  • Cloud Security Architect
  • SAP Cloud Security
  • Cloud Network Security


This certification costs approx $300. 

9. GIAC Public Cloud Security

This certification is one of the top cloud computing certifications that is surely to come to light in 2024. GIAC certification validates your skills and knowledge of cloud and multi-cloud environments. This credential requires a professional with knowledge of Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. 

The GIAC Public Cloud Security helps work on the different operating systems and build a robust security system for the organization you are working with. 

Topics Covered in the Certification 

  • Security Auditing 
  • Security and network hardening
  • Securing public cloud environments
  • Evaluation and comparison of public cloud service providers
  • Introduction to multi-cloud compliance and integration

Job Opportunities 

  • Security auditors
  • Security analysts 
  • Operations personnel
  • Cloud and DevOps engineers
  • Engineers and researchers
  • System administrators


This certification requires practical work experience in security. If you have clear skills or have knowledge of the fundamentals of security, you are eligible to take this exam. 


This certification costs approx $979

10. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional

This AWS DevOps Engineer professional certification certifies an individual to be an expert in operating, managing, and provisioning distributed application systems. This makes a professional familiar with the AWS platform and increases the confidence and credibility among the stakeholders and customers. 

Organizations need such professionals to ensure speedy performance and secure delivery of data or information. This certification exam is asked in two question formats: multiple choice questions and multiple responses. To perform well in your exam, you can take up this course and have better knowledge and skills for the exam. 

Subjects That Must Be Discussed 

  • The deployment and administration of continuous delivery systems 
  • Methodologies in AWS 
  • Set-up of logging and monitoring


To earn this certification, you must have an AWS Certified Developer Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate certification. Furthermore, you must also have experience in developing codes in a minimum of one high-level machine language. 

Job Opportunities 

  • AWS Cloud Microsoft Windows DevOps Engineer
  • AWS Cloud Network DevOps Engineer
  • Solution Engineer
  • Ansible Engineer – DevOps & automation 


This certification may cost $300. 


Cloud computing services have become the fuel that is needed by every industry for their digital transformation. It helps companies by providing them with scalability, cost efficiency, data security, and better recovery of lost data. 

If you want to be a part of this transformation process, you need to get top cloud computing certifications. These certifications will ensure that you get a high-paying job and become an essential part of this industry. 

For professionals who want to get into a course that keeps up with the industry trends and market demands for Amazon Web Services, they can enroll in the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course. 

However, if you are someone who is more interested in learning about cloud security and its various applications, then you can go for the CCSP – Certified Cloud Security Professional course.


Q1: Why are cloud computing certifications important for IT professionals?

Answer: Cloud computing certifications are important as they validate an IT professional’s skills and knowledge in cloud computing, making them more competitive in the job market. They also ensure that professionals are up-to-date with the latest cloud technologies and best practices.

Q2: How do Cloud Computing certifications benefit my career?

Answer: Cloud certifications boost career prospects by demonstrating your proficiency in cloud technologies, making you eligible for roles like Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, and Cloud Consultant. This can lead to higher earning potential and increased job opportunities.

Q3: Can Cloud Computing certifications be earned through online courses, or are in-person classes necessary?

Answer: Most Cloud Computing certifications offer online courses, allowing you to study at your own pace. In-person classes may be available for some certifications, but the majority can be pursued through online platforms, making it convenient for working professionals.

Q4: Are there prerequisites for taking Cloud Computing certifications?

Answer: Prerequisites vary across certifications. Some may require a certain level of experience or a related foundational certification, while others may be open to beginners. Check the specific requirements of the certification you are interested in.

Q5: Are there any entry-level cloud computing certifications for beginners?

Answer: Yes, entry-level certifications like CompTIA Cloud+ and Cisco’s CCNA Cloud are designed for beginners. These certifications cover fundamental cloud concepts and skills, making them suitable for individuals starting their careers in cloud computing.

Q6: Are Cloud Computing certifications vendor-specific or vendor-neutral?

Answer: Certifications vary, some are vendor-specific (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), while others are vendor-neutral (e.g., CompTIA Cloud+, CCSP). The choice depends on your career goals and the cloud platforms you intend to work with.

Q7: Can I pursue Cloud Computing certifications without a technical background?

Answer: While a technical background is helpful, many certifications cater to various skill levels. Some foundational certifications are designed for beginners, providing a gradual learning curve to build essential cloud skills.

Q8: How long does it take to complete a Cloud Computing certification?

Answer: The duration varies depending on the certification and your prior experience. Some certifications can be completed in a few weeks, while others may take several months. The key is to balance thorough understanding with practical experience.

Q9: Can I pursue multiple Cloud Computing certifications simultaneously?

Answer: While it’s possible, it’s advisable to focus on one certification at a time to ensure a deeper understanding of the concepts. Sequentially obtaining certifications can also help you build a more comprehensive skill set.

Q10: How often do Cloud Computing certifications need to be renewed?

Answer: Renewal periods vary among certifications and vendors. Some certifications require renewal every two to three years, while others may have different criteria. It’s essential to stay informed about the renewal requirements for the specific certification you hold.