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Earn your Data Analytics and Engineering certificate in 12 weeks.

Become a Data Analytics and Engineering Expert with CCS Learning Academy's excellent state-of-the-art Bootcamp and excel in your career. Master TSQL, Python, Tableau, Snowflake, TFS, Azure DevOps and more to build your skillset. Network with Industry Experts and receive reliable career advice and Mentorship.

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Benefits of Data Analytics and Engineering

  • Identify unknown changing patterns: Data Analytics can reveal low-cost changes to resource management for increased profitability.
  • Innovate new products and solutions: Data Analytics can reveal gaps and problems that might be ignored otherwise. Greater insight about purchase decisions, customer feedback and business processes can drive innovation in internal operations of the company and external solutions.
  • Real-time optimization: Data Analytics can assist companies to predict change and react optimally to different situations.

Online bootcamp courses are normally held Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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November 06, 2023
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December 11, 2023
January 22, 2024

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November 18, 2023
December 09, 2023
January 13, 2024

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Data analytics career

Grow your Data Analytics and Engineering Career

Data Analytics and Engineering is the study of data to extract meaningful information, insights and interpretations for businesses. It is a multidisciplinary approach that cumulates practices and principles from the areas of statistics, mathematics, computer engineering, artificial intelligence and data management to analyse huge volumes of data. This analysis assists Data Analytists to ask what, how, where, why and when it happened and what will happen, in reference to the data and what can be done with the results.

A comprehensive and industry approved certification program

Data Analytics combines tools, procedures and methodologies with technology to get useful meaning from data. Organizations are overloaded with data, as there are many devices and software that can automatically store and collect information. Online systems, software, payment portals, E-commerce websites etc. collect a lot of data in the areas of medicine, FMCG, retail, finance, E-commerce and every other facet of human life.

Become a data science and data engineering professional

Data Analytics is the Future. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning innovations have made data processing quicker and increasingly efficient. Industry requirements have made an ecosystem of degrees, programs, courses and job positions within the sphere of Data Science. As the requirement, availability, dependence and volume of data is expanding rapidly across domains, Data Analytics Careers show a projected growth in the coming years.

Boost your portfolio by working on practical business cases

Data Analytics is used to analyse data in the following ways: descriptive analysis, diagnostic analysis, predictive analysis and prescriptive analysis. Data Analytics is transforming and revolutionizing the way organizations function and operate. Most companies need a well designed and formulated Data Analytics Strategy to increase growth and maintain competitive edge in the marketplace. Train with Industry Veterans on practical business cases to enhance your skillset and portfolio.

A Job Guaranteed Training Program

Master Data Analytics and Engineering and get placed with top companies. Access and qualify for lucrative opportunities with CCS Learning Academy’s Data Analytics and Engineering Bootcamp.
Enroll in industry relevant Data Analytics and Engineering course

Solve Data Analyst Challenges

  • Data analysts use a variety of tools, techniques and technologies as part of the data science process. Depending on the problem encountered, they pick the best combination for faster and more accurate results. Data analysts work with analysts, engineers, machine learning experts and statisticians to ensure that the entire data analytics process is followed and organizational goals are achieved. Challenges faced by Data Analysts:
    • Multiple data sources: Generating and analyzing data in different formats from various sources can be difficult and time-consuming.
    • Identifying and understanding the exact business problem: Working with multiple stakeholders and business managers to define the exact problem can be challenging especially with different teams and people involved.
    • Elimination of bias: Bias is an imbalance in the training data or prediction model across different groups, such as age or income bracket. Machine Learning enables addressing biases by identifying and measuring them in the data and model.
Data analytics challenges

Kickstart your Data Analytics and Engineering Career

Data analytics job

What kinds of roles do Data Analytics & Engineering Bootcamp graduates land?

Program At A Glance

CCS Learning Academy’s Data Analytics & Engineering bootcamp is an intense program designed to help you develop genuine expertise in the data science field as quickly as possible. With decades of experience in talent sourcing and staff augmentation, we know exactly what kinds of abilities and certifications employers tend to look for — and we’re here to help you acquire them.

To be eligible for participation in this bootcamp, you need to have the following:

  • Intermediate understanding of database objects (entities, attributes, constraints, relationships, joins, etc.)
  • Average logic-building skills
  • Ability to write basic DDL/DML/DQL (any SQL) queries
  • Average technical presentation & delivery skills
  • Basic exposure to any programming language (C, C++, VB, Python, R, etc.)
  • This program is available at any learning hub or online
  • This program is eligible for VA tuition benefits
  • Job placement assistance is provided to graduates for 12 months immediately following bootcamp completion
  • Please contact us for government and corporate pricing

Data Analytics and Engineering Curriculum

This module focuses on various aspects of database designing concepts right from entities, keys, constraints, etc. to creating physical instance of databases. The focus of Data Modeling is to understand different stages of database designs patterns along with ways to gather business requirements.
This module exposes the candidates to the very details of TSQL programming along with working on database objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, user defined functions, triggers, and indexes. Module also covers performance implications of multitude of SQL structures such as joins, sub-queries, set operators, CTEs to be incorporated for implementing business requirements.
Data Warehousing module provides detailed insight on the designing and developing data structures to store historical data for analytical purposes. This module further explains more about the internals and architecture of Data Warehouses and Data Marts following Kimball or Inmon Methodologies.
SQL Server Integration Services
This talks about SSIS as an ETL tool to practically connect to different data sources, perform various data operations and load data into dimensional structure. Candidates will also be exposed to various concepts of ETL which includes Data Profiling, Data Cleansing, Data Validations, error handing etc.
This talks about SSIS as an ETL tool to practically connect to different data sources, perform various data operations and load data into dimensional structure. Candidates will also be exposed to various concepts of ETL which includes Data Profiling, Data Cleansing, Data Validations, error handing etc.
This focuses on the key concepts and architecture of Snowflake. Candidates will learn how to provision a Virtual Data warehouse, migrating data to Snowflake warehouse using SnowSQL & Snowpipe, querying Snowflake warehouses, time-travel, Zero-copy cloning, etc.
This offers overview of Python basics, data structures in Python, various programming constructs and commonly used libraries. This will also include various methods of extracting data, cleansing, and basic data visualizations per business requirements.
In this module candidates will learn purpose and application of creating multi-dimensional cube and tabular models for further data analysis. Furthermore, this module also focuses on writing MDX and DAX queries for analytical purposes.
This module is mainly used as presentation layer for creating different types of visual reports for making business decisions. Candidates will be learning different types of reporting constructs, publishing, maintaining reports on Report Server.
This module is primarily focused on creating data visualizations, data cleansing, DAX for calculations etc. In this module candidates will also learn different ways of publishing, embedding, maintaining reports & dashboards within Power BI services and Power BI report server.
This module offers different ways of developing business interactive dashboards utilizing Tableau Desktop. Candidates will be exposed to various features of Tableau related to data preparation, data blending, calculations utilizing LOD expressions, and publishing to enterprise portal.


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  • Paid at the time of enrollment: $1,995
  • Financed amount: $10,000
  • Total cost: $11,995
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Data Analytics & Engineering Bootcamp is 480 hours of short-term instructor-led training to offer you meaningful information, insights, and interpretations to upgrade your skills. Our program covers Data Modeling, T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Power BI, Microsoft Azure, Tableau, Python, Snowflake, TFS, and Azure DevOps.

Through our Bootcamp you can easily upgrade your skills, know using the tools required to build great products, and analyze their performance. Data Science & Data Engineering is becoming important because it allows businesses to optimize and secure data.
This role is useful across all industries and gradually it is gaining importance. Also, the earning potential of the Data Engineer or Data Analyst is really high, making it a good career option.

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