Cybersecurity Bootcamps: Everything You Need To know, Including The Competitive Salary Ranges

Cybersecurity Bootcamps: Everything You Need To know, Including The Competitive Salary Ranges

Many aspects of our lives are now digitized: banking, socializing, reading. Even the most inconsequential details of our lives are on the internet. While technology and smart devices make our lives easier, they also leave us vulnerable to cyber threats. This is causing cybersecurity to be one of fastest-growing fields of study in computer science.

A recent study from Tulane University  revealed that the demand for cybersecurity experts is at an all-time high. By extension, so is the need for cybersecurity education which is spurring an increase in program offerings like bootcamps.

What many potential cybersecurity professionals don’t know is that a college degree is not the ultimate criteria for breaking into this rewarding sector. Through certified cybersecurity online bootcamp programs you can get the learning and experience you need to land the cybersecurity job you want.

Pro Tip: When looking for reputable best cybersecurity bootcamp programs, look for programs that have an evolving curriculum. The cybersecurity changes rapidly. You need to be sure you’re learning up-to-date applications and technologies to be relevant in this career field.

Want to know more about cybersecurity bootcamps? Read on to get all the answers to frequently asked questions.

What Is a Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

Cybersecurity bootcamp is a full-time or part-time course that teaches candidates the necessary technical and soft skills required to become a cybersecurity professional.

Bootcamps are intense sessions that condense your learning into short periods of time. Unlike a four-year degree, most bootcamps have you up to speed in 12 to 16 weeks.

Bootcamps focus on hands-on learning experiences rather than theories only. The goal is to impart knowledge and experience. This hands-on feature is what distinguishes cybersecurity bootcamp courses from traditional learning programs.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing a Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

Consider the following when choosing a cybersecurity bootcamp:

  • Student reviews
  • Course module
  • Transparency about outcomes
  • Affiliation
  • Cost
  • Opportunity to get a job after completion

Cybersecurity Bootcamp Costs

The cost of cybersecurity bootcamps depends on two critical factors: course discipline and location. Because bootcamps focus on technical skills rather than analytics, they tend to be expensive. However, when you compare the cost to a four-year degree, bootcamps are extremely cost effective. Expect to pay between $10k-$20k depending on the bootcamps emphasis.

What Will You Learn in a Bootcamp?

All cybersecurity bootcamps are backed by unique modules and curriculum that combine the fundamental technical and soft skills candidates need to be fully functional in the workspace. Most bootcamps teach students defensive and offensive cybersecurity skills. After completing the course, graduates can  detect, prevent, and solve cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp Job Guarantee

No course on earth can give you a 100% job guarantee, but going through a cybersecurity bootcamp boosts your employability nearly 99%. Bootcamp grads can expect an entry-level position in cybersecurity after completing the course. However, professionals with experience in IT can expect higher-level positions with bootcamp certificates.

What Cybersecurity Professionals Earn

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the national average salary of cybersecurity analysts was $100K in 2019. The median pay of cybersecurity analysts is $95K according to Indeed and $77K according to PayScale.


Taking a cybersecurity bootcamp is an excellent way to learn the skills required to step into a cybersecurity career. These programs are widely recognized and increase your marketability. CCS Learning Academy, the training division of CCS Global Tech,offers the best cybersecurity bootcamp program on the market.

You leave our Cybersecurity Bootcamp program with:

  1. hands-on experience
  2. analytical skills
  3. logic-building capabilities
  4. knowledge of trendy applications and more

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