Cybersecurity Awareness Training: Why it’s an Urgent Must-Do

Cybersecurity Awareness Training: Why it’s an Urgent Must-Do

Human error is responsible for 95% of all cybersecurity breaches. Unfortunately, only 38% of worldwide firms say they are equipped to deal with a sophisticated cyberattack.

As tech experts, we see many organizations focusing their cybersecurity efforts on new technology and applications and overlooking their best defense: their employees.

Investing in cybersecurity awareness training is your best bet for thwarting cyber-criminals intent on hacking into your system. Not only does it arm your employees with the knowledge and skills to combat cybercrime, it also fosters a culture of security; cybersecurity becomes everyone’s concern, not simply IT’s. 

Choosing an Effective Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Not all cybersecurity awareness courses are created equal. Many use outdated videos that create a passive learning environment. Yes, they deliver security content, but does your workforce actually retain the information? And how in-depth does the course go?

Cyber criminals are smart–and getting smarter everyday. You need your employees to be aware of everything they’re doing online: surfing the web, checking email, engaging in chat threads, etc. Any online activity is a cyber crime opportunity.

You need cybersecurity awareness training that counterbalances the hackers’ tactics.

Here are a few things to look for when sourcing effective cybersecurity training:

  • Up-to-date curriculum. Cybersecurity is evolving fast. Ensure the course you chose includes current information.
  • Hands-on opportunities. People learn better and retain more when they’re actively engaged in their learning. Look for cybersecurity awareness training that includes hands-on activities that will help your team truly become security aware.
  • SME for instructors. Not all training providers use SMEs as instructors. SMEs bring real life scenarios and examples to the classroom as well as technical expertise. It’s a huge bonus for participants and a key training component to look for.
  • Tracking and reporting capabilities. How well are your employees learning the security information? Having tracking and reporting capabilities will show you. This is a bonus feature to look for that  can be extremely helpful in building a security aware environment.

Anyone who has access to a work-related computer or mobile device should receive comprehensive cybersecurity training. From your front desk staff to the IT team to the management group, everyone needs to be able to identify a potential cyber threat. It’s an all-company effort.

CCS Learning Academy’s Cybersecurity Options

We know cybersecurity is a hot topic for organizations large and small. We use our knowledge of the tech industry and today’s marketplace to inform our training offerings.

Our security awareness and network security trainings are based on real-world attack scenarios that are currently trending in the marketplace. We partner with industry-leading cybersecurity curriculum developers to deliver the most current and effective security training on the market.

We specialize in enterprise training. Please contact us for information on group pricing, scheduling, and delivery modalities. And, click here for a free demo!