Case Study

How customized Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) training helped a government entity achieve DEIB goals and improve their corporate culture.


Our client is a transit authority for mid-size city on the east coast. The organization provides a variety of transportation services to 150,000–200,000 riders per weekday or about 45 million rides annually. Their service area is 457 square miles.

The challenge

As a public facing organization, the transit authority is cognizant that their workers need strong interpersonal communication skills and knowledge, including DEIB awareness. The organization recognized their workforce had no formal DEIB training. They came to us for a learning series that would educate their front line and management staff on DEIB practices.

Our solution

We worked closely with the transit authority’s representative to understand the challenges faced by their employees as well as the transit authority’s overall goals. Next, we worked with key stakeholders and project managers to learn their concerns and goals. We used this information to design a customized solution, which included:
  • A monthly training series for employees on foundational DEIB skills with topics like:
    1. DEIB Overview
    2. Microaggressions
    3. Understand Privilege
    4. Allyship
    5. Systemic Racism
    6. Implicit/Unconscious Bias
    7. Generational Diversity
  • DEIB stakeholder sessions
  • A Strategic planning and leadership retreat
  • Recorded simulated sessions for refreshers and ongoing learning (long term sustainability model).
Our tailored solution combined virtual sessions and live, in-person workshops conducted at multiple locations to ensure maximum participation by the transit authority’s workforce, including bus drivers, administrative staff, supervisors, and executive leadership. The training included written exercises, role play, discussions and activities, for an impactful learning experience.
  • The workforce was lacking DEIB skills and knowledge.
  • Transit authority out of compliance with DEBI regulations.
  • DEIB training promotes an inclusive corporate culture.
  • Upskilled employees have the knowledge and skills to implement DEIB practices effectively.
  • Transit authority leadership can incorporate DEBI practices into the entity’s goals and policies to support an inclusive environment and continue to comply with regulations.

Why They Hired Us

  • Customer service

    We listen collaborate, and create effective customized solutions.

  • Fully credentialed

    We are an accredited and certified training partner with industry-leading learning vendors

  • Platform flexibility

    We offer both virtual and inperson learning to help leverage training dollars

  • Technology expertise

    We're technology professionals who use our expertise to inform our training offerings.


  1. The transit authority’s workforce knows, understands and can implement DEIB best practices in the workplace.
  2. Transit authority leadership is equipped to handle DEIB conversations and conflicts.
  3. The transit authority’s corporate culture is more inclusive, and the organization meets DEIB legal compliances.

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