Law Firm

Case Study

How customized staff training improved technology implementation for a law firm


Our client is a prominent law firm with multiple locations and XXX timekeepers. They came to us for help choosing new computing platforms. They also wanted training for their staff on the new technology.

Our solution

After working with the client to fully understand their needs and challenges (i.e. performance, monolithic application design, patching, lack of add-ins, etc.), we helped them choose two new computing platforms:Angular and Azure Cloud.

Once the new technology was chosen, the CCS Learning Academy team designed a curriculum tailored to the client’s new environment. This customized training was delivered by a certified SME and included industry test cases, real-life scenarios, and knowledge validation measures. We also helped the client team plan and implement prototypes giving them hands-on experience.


Result One
The client received professional guidance determining which computing platforms would work best for them.
Result Two
The client’s staff received training that was pertinent to their landscape and daily activities
Result Three
The client’s new technology implementation and adoption were smooth and easy as their staff fully understood the applications and knew how to use them Day 1.
  • Choosing and adopting new computing platforms
  • Training staff on new technology
  • A technology platform tailored to their needs
  • Training curriculum that addressed their specific technology
  • Smooth implementation and user buy-in

Why They Hired Us

  • Customer service

    We listen collaborate, and create effective customized solutions.

  • Fully credentialed

    We are an accredited and certified training partner with industry-leading learning vendors.

  • Platform flexibility

    We offer both virtual and in-person learning to help leverage training dollars

  • Technology expertise

    We're technology professionals who use our expertise to inform our training offerings.

Who We Are

CCS Learning Academy is the professional training division of CCS Global Tech, a full-service technology provider. We’ve been providing high-level technology and business training to professionals since 1997.

We use our connection to CCS Global Tech to stay abreast of current technology trends, developments, and needs. We use this information to inform our training offerings, which change to align with the current environment.

Unlike many technology training providers, we are tech professionals first. This means you learn from certified, working professionals who bring real-world experience and scenarios to your learning. We also partner with industry-leading education developers to ensure you’re receiving upto-date information that contributes to your career advancement.

Our Team

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Anand Dandapani

Director of Global Education

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Director of Business Development

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Veteran Talent & Development Program Manager


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