Tableau Desktop Level 3: Dashboard Deep Dive


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Course Description

With so many competing technologies, Tableau has emerged as a powerful favorite in the world of Business Intelligence solutions. This course will take your Tableau skills to the next level by teaching you best practice, along with the most sought after dashboard designs.

You are about to embark upon an intense, but amusing journey that will provide you with an arsenal of innovative techniques. Your new toolset will help you re-use your current Tableau worksheets and to create new ones for the purpose of including those worksheets on dashboards that you will be proud to share. Users will enjoy interacting with your dashboards for the purpose of getting deep analytical information from them and they will be impressed with their flexibility. Most important, the class will overview various business scenarios that translate into different types of dashboards and you will leave with that understanding.

By the end of the course, you should be able to create effective dashboards on your own and you will also walk away with class files that help you get a head start.


Certification Options
The Tableau Dashboard Design class is associated with the Tableau Desktop Certified Professional Exam. When combined with our Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction Tableau Desktop Level 2: Advanced classes, you will strengthen your ability to pass this exam.



Students should have 6-12 months of Tableau Desktop training or 6 months of hands-on Tableau Desktop experience. Familiarity with Microsoft Excel, including Pivot Tables and calculations will be helpful. Experience using the Windows Operating System is required, including navigation of the File Explorer.



This two-day class is designed to provide the Tableau Advanced user a solid foundation using Tableau Worksheet Views inside of various Dashboard types. Students should have attended both of the following classes:
Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction
Tableau Desktop Level 2: Advanced
This class is fast-paced and includes an intensive amount of hands-on work so students should have at least 6 months of hands-on Tableau Desktop experience.








Course Outline

1. Personal Finance Dashboard
–Tableau Data Interpreter
–Floating Versus Tiled
–Item Hierarchy
–Horizontal and Vertical Containers

2. Superstore Basic Sales Dashboard
–Graphic Sizing
–Formatting Labels
–Dual Axis

3. Airbnb’s in New York
–Global Filters
–Custom Colors
–Text Cards

4. Billboard Hot 100 Analytics
–Cluster Analysis
–Hiding Field Labels

5. World Population Dashboard
–Validating Data Joins

6. USA Colleges Dashboard
–STARTSWITH() Function
–Calculated Values as Filters
–Formatting Layers
–Values and Headers’ Aliases

7. FIFA 19 Player Rank Dashboard
–Parameter Based Calculations
–Graphs and Tool Tips
–Floating Items in Dashboards

8. Olympics Dashboard
–Top X Items
–Rank Graph
–Sorting Through Parameters
–Show and Hide Filters on a Dashboard

9. YouTube Trending Dashboard
–Hovering Actions
–Count versus Count D
–Standard Deviation


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