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Course Description:

This 2-day role specific course covers how to explore, load, visualize and extract insights from the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform. This course will consist of lecture, labs, and discussions.





Course Outline

Snowflake Architecture and Overview
• Snowflake Overview
• Architecture 101 & ecosystem
• How to use the Snowflake UI

Data Movement
• Ingesting new data into Snowflake Tables
• Working with various SQL Data Types
• Discussing streaming data & using external data lakes
• Ingestion best practices

Querying Data with SQL
• View the Schema
• Filtering data examples & best practices
• Sorting data & performance considerations
• Commonly used functions
• Save & export data output
• Time Travel queries

Query Caching Performance Features
• Result set cache
• Metadata cache
• Query data cache
• Best practices of using caching for performance and cost optimization

Performing Data Analytic Tasks
• Using Snowflakes high-performing approximation and estimation features
• Join and Union queries & tuning techniques
• Perform advanced analytic tasks using additional SQL querying capabilities including subqueries, common table expressions, and analytic functions.

Using Snowflakes SQL Extensibility Features
• User-defined functions
• Stored Procedures
• Regular Views & Secured Views

Working with Semi-Structured Data
• Data source formats
• Support of native data types
• SQL Operations (Grouping, Sorting & more)
• Built-in functions for traversing, flattening, and nesting of semi-structured data

Visualizing Data
• Connecting a BI Tool to Snowflake
• Exploring & Visualizing data outside of Snowflake

Course Objectives

In this class, you will learn:

  • Overview of Snowflake key features & architecture
  • Perform advanced and high-performing data analytic tasks
  • Load and work with new datasets
  • Review key SQL extensibility features
  • Query and inspect data using SQL core constructs
  • Employ best practices for working with semi-structured data
  • Discuss query caching performance capabilities
  • Visualizing data outside of Snowflake

Target Audience

Data Analysts/Business Intelligence users should attend this course.


Basic knowledge of SQL is required.


With CCS Learning Academy, you’ll receive:

  • Instructor-led training
  • Training Seminar Student Handbook
  • Collaboration with classmates (not currently available for self-paced course)
  • Real-world learning activities and scenarios
  • Exam scheduling support*
  • Enjoy job placement assistance for the first 12 months after course completion.
  • This course is eligible for CCS Learning Academy’s Learn and Earn Program: get a tuition fee refund of up to 50% if you are placed in a job through CCS Global Tech’s Placement Division*
  • Government and Private pricing available.*

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