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Course Description:

In this course, you’ll learn about the new and enhanced features of Oracle Database 12c. You will learn how these features increase security, manageability, and performance. This series covers the objectives for the 1Z0-060: Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c certification exam.

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Course Topics

 Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and Creating CDB and PDB

  • Communication between core Enterprise Manager Cloud Control components
  • Managing credentials for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  • Types of tools Oracle provides for database management
  • The multitenant architecture and its components
  • How to create CDBs and PDBs
  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and CDB architectures
  • Create CDBs and PDBs

2. Managing CDBs, PBDs, and Data Optimization

  • Connect to, start up, and shut down a CDB
  • Create and manage permanent and temporary tablespaces in CDBs and PDBs
  • Create and manage common and local users in CDBs and PDBs
  • Manage privileges and roles CDBs and PDBs
  • Perform CDB and PDB backups
  • Perform recovery of CDBs and PDBs
  • Manage CDBs and PDBs

3. Using Automatic Data Optimization, Storage, and Archiving

  • Configure Heat Map and Automatic Data Optimization (ADO)
  • Create ADO compression policies
  • Manage ADO policies
  • Monitor ADO using views and procedures
  • How to move a data file and partitions online
  • In-Database Archiving and Temporal Validity within the Oracle 12c environment
  • Use ILM features, In-Database Archiving, and Temporal Validity

4. Managing Security

  • Features of Unified Audit Trail
  • Configure audit policies
  • Functions and implementation of the new administrative privileges
  • Perform privilege analysis
  • Characteristics of redaction policies
  • New Oracle Database 12c security features

5. High Availability and Database Management

  • New Recovery Manager (RMAN) enhancements in Oracle Database 12c
  • Perform cross-platform data transport
  • Perform table recovery using RMAN
  • Implement Real-Time Database Operation Monitoring
  • Characteristics of the new Schema Change Plans feature
  • How the Data Comparison feature can be used
  • RMAN and Real-Time Database Operation Monitoring
  • Schema and Change management

6. Tuning SQL and Using ADDM

  • Features of Adaptive SQL Plan management
  • Match the adaptive execution plans to descriptions of how they can be used
  • Use the statistics gathering performance enhancements
  • Monitoring techniques in Oracle Database 12c
  • Use Compare Period ADDM
  • Tune and monitor an Oracle 12c environment

7. Resource Manager, Online Operations, and ADR

  • Use Resource Manager in a CDB environment
  • Characteristics of the multiprocess multithreaded architecture
  • How the temporary undo feature can be used
  • New and enhanced features for tables, indexes, and online operations are used
  • New ADR and network enhancements in Oracle Database 12c
  • New and enhanced performance and network features of Oracle Database 12c

8. Transporting Databases and Managing Data

  • Complete a full transport of a database using Oracle Data Pump
  • New Data Pump features in Oracle Database 12c
  • Use the new SQL*Loader features in Oracle Database 12c
  • Manage partitions in Oracle Database 12c
  • Create and maintain partial local and global indexes for partitioned tables
  • Configure extended datatypes in Oracle Database 12c
  • Use the row-limiting clause
  • New and enhanced features of Data Pump, Partitioning, and SQL

Supplemental Assets:

Lab Simulations: Task-based multipath scenarios provide realistic practice of technology subjects or applications, where applicable.

Pre and Post Courseware Assessments: Section-based assessments offer a range of practice and testing options within the section, including feedback and tracking.

What You'll Learn

  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  • Creating Container Databases (CDB) and Pluggable Databases (PDB)
  • Managing CDB and PBD, and Data Optimization
  • Using Automatic Data Optimization, Storage, and Archiving
  • Managing Security
  • High Availability and Database Management
  • Tuning Structured Query Language (SQL) and Using Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)
  • Resource Manager, Online Operations, and Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)
  • Transporting Databases and Managing Data

Target Audience

  • Oracle Database Certified Professionals looking to upgrade their certification to Oracle Database 12c
  • Administrators, database administrators, and system administrators who interested in the technical aspects of Oracle Database 12c and who may be considering upgrading their systems to the newest version


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