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Course Description:

The Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Expert Administration online training course teaches IT Professionals the key concepts, components, and procedures associated with the deployment, configuration, and management of SharePoint 2013. You will learn what’s new in SharePoint 2013 and also how to prepare for a successful installation of SharePoint 2013.

You’ll then learn the proper way to install SharePoint 2013 and how to configure it and maintain it after you have completed the installation.







Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 Features and Capabilities
Using SharePoint Sites and Templates
Editing Features in SharePoint 2013
Working with Lists and Libraries
Advanced List Concepts

Module 2: What’s New in SharePoint 2013

New Capabilities
Deprecated Features
System Requirements

Module 3: SharePoint 2013’s Architecture

Enterprise Architecture
Logical Architecture
Service Applications

Module 4: Preparing SQL Server for the SharePoint Installation

Introduction to SQL Server
Preparing for your SQL Server installation
Optimizing SQL Server Instance Settings
Optimizing SQL Server Database Settings

Module 5: Installing SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Installation Limitations and Considerations
Installing SharePoint using the GUI
Installing SharePoint using command line utilities
Optional Installation Components
Verifying the SharePoint Installation

Module 6: Upgrading to SharePoint 2013

Understanding SharePoint 2013 Upgrade Strategies
Preparing to Upgrade to SharePoint 2013
Performing an upgrade to SharePoint 2013
Performing post-upgrade Tasks

Module 7: Using Central Administration to Manage SharePoint

Introducing Central Administration
Understanding the Central Administration Home Page
Managing your farm using Central Administration

Module 8: Creating and Managing Service Applications

Introducing the built-in service applications
Creating service applications
Configuration options of service applications
Cross-farm service application configuration

Module 9: Understanding the Application Management Center

Introducing the Apps concept and components in SharePoint 2013
Understanding the Apps architecture
Managing Apps in SharePoint 2013

Module 10: Creating and Managing Workflows in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Architecture and tools
Setting up and configuring SharePoint 2013 workflows
Deploying Workflows
Monitoring and Troubleshooting Workflows

Module 11: Creating and Managing Business Data Connections

Introduction to the Business Connectivity Services
Creating and configuring the Business Connectivity service application
Creating an External Content Type using SharePoint Designer 2013

Module 12: Understanding the Search Service Architecture

Introducing Search and its architecture
Creating the Search service application
Configuring and managing search crawls
Understanding the search diagnostics
Overview of scaling the search service topology

Module 13: Managing the Search Service using PowerShell

Deploying Enterprise Search using Windows PowerShell
Configuring Enterprise search components using Windows PowerShell
Managing Enterprise search components using Windows PowerShell

Module 14: Scaling your SharePoint 2013 Farm

Introducing scaling options
Understanding and configuring Request Management
Scaling at the three different three tiers
Plan for redundancy and availability

Module 15: Implementing Data Protection, Recoverability, and High Availability

Introducing Disaster Recovery and disaster recovery plans
Using SharePoint 2013 disaster recovery tools
Performing SharePoint backups and restores
Overview of High Availability options in SharePoint 2013

Module 16: Administering the Office 365 SharePoint Environment

Overview of the Office 365 Admin Center
Managing your SharePoint online tenancy using SharePoint Admin Center
Understanding the default Office 365 SharePoint site collections

Skills Learned

Install or upgrade SharePoint 2013 to create your farm
Use Central Administration to configure your SharePoint 2013 farm
Create Web applications and site collections to host your content
Create service applications that provide additional functionality in the SharePoint farm
Scaling your SharePoint 2013 farm for better performance and availability
Create and manage workflows to provide automated business processes
Protecting your data using the available disaster recovery tools in SharePoint 2013
Understand appropriate command-Line, PowerShell and applicable management shell commands

Who Should Attend This Course

This Microsoft SharePoint 2013 online training course is for IT Professionals who are either new to SharePoint or have worked with previous versions of SharePoint. Regardless of your level of expertise if you are responsible for deploying, configuring, and maintaining SharePoint 2013 this course will provide you the knowledge necessary to be a successful SharePoint Administrator.


Knowledge of a recent Microsoft Windows operating system (2008 or 2012)
Familiarity with Active Directory
Aware of IIS and DNS functionality
Understanding of SQL Server 2008 or 2012

Hands-On Labs

Creating a Web Application
Creating the Search Service
Adding Content Source to the Search Service Application
Creating and Assigning a Quota Template
Creating User Profile Service and Start UPS Service
Configure UPS for AD Import Create Connection Import Profiles
Deleting and Recovering Documents from Second Stage Recycle Bin
Perform a Backup of a Web App
Performing a Restore of a Web App
Assigning an Administrator to Service Application
Extending a Web Application
Configuring Anonymous Access on a Web App
Registering and Configuring Managed Accounts
Configuring SSSC for MySites Web App
Create Web App Send to Location
Creating and Configuring New Content Database
Creating the MMS
Modifying SQL Server Settings
Add Web Parts to Central Administration Home Page
Create New Web Application and Top Level Site Collection
Create Site Collection Using CA
Blocked File Types


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