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Course Description:

Using best practices in project management can be difficult in the real world. This course combines both concepts to help with the understanding of what Microsoft Project software is doing in the background and how to utilize it for your projects.






Course Outline

Navigating MS Project 2019

The Task tab
The Resource tab
The Project tab
The View tab
The Format tab
Display a View
Create and schedule a new project

Define file properties for your project
Manual and automatic scheduling overview
How does the project start date affect the schedule?
How do calendars affect the schedule?
Set the working times for resources or tasks on the project
Add a holiday to the project calendar
Create a calendar for a task within Project
Create a new task
Create multiple tasks
Create a recurring task
Tips for working with tasks
Choose a method to organize your tasks
Task summary name field: New 2019
Link tasks using a drop-down menu: New 2019
Link tasks in the Gantt Chart view
Link tasks in the Network Diagram view
Link tasks in the Calendar view
Turn autolinking on or off
About linking manually scheduled tasks
Constraints and deadlines
Add resources to your project

Set the working times for resources or tasks on the project
Effort driven scheduling and task types
Enter cost rates for a work resource
Enter a per-use cost for a work resource
Enter a fixed cost for a task or for the project
Enter costs for a cost resource
Enter a rate for a material resource
Enter a per-use cost for a material resource
View and track scheduling factors

Find the critical path and slack
Timeline bar labels and task progress: new 2019
View team work
Move a task to a different time in the schedule
View and track scheduling factors
Update actual start and finish dates
Update actual work
Update actual and remaining duration
Update percent complete and percent work complete
Quickly update tasks to 100% complete
Quickly update tasks to scheduled percent complete
Tracking performance with earned value
Creating reports

Print a report
Optimize a view for printing
Print a basic report
Overview of master projects

What are master projects?
Work with subprojects in a master project
How resources are affected when you combine files
Create a resource pool for sharing resources across projects

Skills Learned

Setup a project
Setup the schedule and calendar
Create and work with tasks
Add and work with resources
Update durations and track performance
Monitoring and controlling your project plan and providing reports to stakeholders
Better understand master projects, work with subprojects, and create resource pools

Who Should Attend This Course

This course is meant for both new and users of MS Project 2019




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