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Course Description:

This online training course is a high level introduction to JavaScript, a programming language most commonly used as a client side scripting language. This JavaScript online training course covers utilizing project files and, variables, data types, arrays and more!




Course Outline

Module 1 – Introduction to JavaScript

What’s the course like?
Learning JS with a Functional Programmer approach
Only JavaScript and CLI heavy
This is not production

Module 2 – JavaScript Operation

What is JavaScript?
Browser and Node.js

Module 3 – Working with JavaScript

Project files and
CLI basics
What is Homebrew and Install
What is Nodejs and Install

Module 4 – JavaScript Constructs

The Basics of JavaScript
Variables, Var, Let, Const
Data Types
Type Conversion
Strings Methods & Concatenation
Template Literals
Function Declarations and Expressions
Filter, map and reduce
Object Literals
Date and Times
if Statements
Switch Statements
Block Scope

Module 5 – Modern JavaScript

es2015 Concepts
Module 6 – Object-oriented JavaScript

Object-Oriented Programming

Skills Learned

The basics of JavaScript
Data types
CLI basics
String methods
Object literals
if and switch statements
Object-oriented programming

Who Should Attend This Course

client side scripting language.




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