Conflict Resolution

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Course Objectives

  • Understand what conflict is and how it can escalate within the workplace
  • Identify the five most common conflict resolution styles, and when to use them
  • Appreciate how to deliver information positively through effective face-to-face communication skills
  • Establish effective techniques for timely intervention strategies
  • Build staff trust and morale when dealing with situations of conflict
  • Develop your ability to manage conflicts confidently to enhance productivity and performance


  • Module 1- Understanding Conflict (About Conflict)
    • The Tools of Conflict Resolution
    • Levels of Conflict
      • Group Activity: Levels of Conflict
    • The Tools of Conflict Resolution and Conclusion


    Module 2- The Win/Win Approach (Wanting What’s Fair for Everyone)

    • A Model for Understanding Behaviour in Conflict
    • The Principles of a Win/Win Approach
    • When Win/Win Seems Impossible and Conclusion
      • Group Activity: When Win/Win Seems Impossible


    Module 3- Creative Response (Ah, Conflict! What an Opportunity!)

    • Exploring Our Responses to Conflict: React or Respond
    • Two Models for Approaching Conflict: Perfection and Discovery
    • Looking for the Positive in Conflict
      • Group Activity:  Creating Positive Statements About Conflict
    • An Action Program for Developing More Creative Responses to Conflict
      • Group Activity: A More Creative Response to a Conflict


    Module 4- Empathy (Understanding and Valuing Individual Differences)

    • Exploring the Meaning of Empathy and Differences
    • Beware- Body Language is Powerful
    • Active Listening to Gain Information
    • Asking Questions
      • Group Activity:  Practice on Constructing Open Questions
    • Listening to Give Affirmation
      • Group Activity: Identifying Feelings and Responding
    • Listening When Under Verbal Attack
    • Reflection on Listening and Conclusion


    Module 5- Appropriate Assertiveness (Saying How it is from My Side)  

    • Distinguishing between Aggressive, Passive and Assertive Behaviour
      • Group Activity: React or Respond
    • Understanding our Responses to Conflict
      • Group Activity: Creating A Bill of Assertive Rights
    • After an “I” Statement: Where to Next?
      • Group Activity: Experiencing the Difference Between Aggressive and Assertive Styles


    Module 6- Managing Emotions (Don’t indulge! Don’t deny! Create richer relationships!)

    • Expressing and Managing Our Emotions
    • Handling Difficult Emotions in Others and Conclusion
      • Group Activity: Handling Difficult Emotions in Others


    Module 7- Willingness to Resolve (Unlocking Our Part of the Problem)

    • Exploring Our Unwillingness to Resolve
    • Projection and Perception
    • Resentment and Acknowledgement
    • Forgiveness
    • Managing Unwillingness to Resolve in Others and Conclusion
      • Group activity: Managing Unwillingness to Resolve in Others


    Module 8: Designing Options (New Choices for Better Solutions)

    • Steps in Selecting Options
    • Acting on the Chosen Option


    Module 9: Negotiation (Creating Suitable Environments for Working Together Towards Resolution)

    • Exploring the Concept of Negotiation
    • The Phases and Skills of a Negotiation
    • Responding to Resistance from Others
    • Opening a Negotiation


    Activity: Case Study in Conflict (The New Manager)



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