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Elevate your workforce with tailor-made corporate training solutions that bridge skills gaps, enhance productivity, and boost ROI.

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CCS Learning Academy is the professional training division of CCS Global Tech, a full-service technology provider with 25+ years in the industry.

Level Up 360°'s Benefits

Enhance Performance & Productivity

Achieve peak performance with technical and soft skills.

Bridge the Skills Gap

Prevent gaps with on-trend training modules.

Create a Diverse Workforce

Foster diversity with a range of professional courses.

Adapt to Industry Changes Swiftly

Stay ahead with courses on emerging technologies.

Boost Employee Engagement & Retention

Combat labor shortages to increase employee retention.

Increase ROI through Skill Optimization

Boost revenue and optimize workforce skills.

Our Clients

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Enterprise Training for Employees and Teams

In today’s competitive environment, keeping your workforce engaged and up-to-date moves your business forward. Team training is an effective way to check both these boxes. Our Level Up 360° program accelerates sourcing high-quality, relevant training. No more scrolling through job sites or conducting endless interviews.

Level Up 360° Highlights

Our Specialties

We provide a wide range of technical and professional development training, and we specialize in the following,

Our Partners

Don't let skills gaps hinder your company's progress. Take decisive action now to bridge those gaps and propel your team forward.

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