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Build your Perfect Team with CCS Learning Academy

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CCS Learning Academy is the professional training division of CCS Global Tech, a full-service technology provider with 25+ years in the industry.

Ramp Up 360°'s Benefits

Accelerated Staffing

Fill talent gaps fast with fully trained, day-1 ready personnel.

Smarter Investing

Boost staffing ROI by paying only for hours worked, not training and sourcing.

Increased Diversity

Enrich your workforce with a diverse talent pool, including Veterans, women, and minorities.

Flexible Time Zones

Maximize productivity with round-the-clock operations. 

Global Talent Synergy

Access the world’s best talent, expertly matched to your needs.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous selection for candidates that embody excellence, ensuring successful placements.

Our Clients

Our Specialties

We provide a wide range of technical and professional development training, and we specialize in the following,

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Tap into a ready-to-deploy tech talent pool tailored for your needs. Start building your highly-qualified workforce today!

How It Works


    We procure a diverse pool of experienced IT professionals tailored to meet your specific business requirements.


    Hands-on training in realworld tech scenarios, equipping participants with practical experience & consultancy skills. Additionally, we offer advanced certification courses to further enhance their expertise.

  • HIRE

    We deliver customized candidates to meet your needs, providing costeffective and business-ready talent from day one. Our seamless deployment process ensures a smooth transition for successful integration into your organization.


    We prioritize the professional development and technical growth of our consultants during their deployment, creating an environment where your team can flourish.

Global Team Simplified: Expand With Ease


Build your team nationwide 


Build your team in Costa Rica or Toronto, Canada 


Build your team in India 


Build your team with a combination of onshore, in the US, and abroad giving you global reach

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Build your Perfect Team with CCS Learning Academy

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