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Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The Perfect Gateway Towards Securing Information and Defending Data
Who Can Enroll: Anyone With A Graduation Degree Can Apply

Stay On Track With The Cybersecurity Boot Camp By CCS Learning Academy | Learn Cybersecurity in 320 Hours.

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Tuition Reimbursement

After the cybersecurity professional bootcamp, work for CCS Global Tech and become eligible for a refund of up to 50% of your tuition fees!*

Flexible Payment Plans

Reserve your seat for only $495 and work with our team to finance the rest of your bootcamp tuition.


Referral Rewards

Get $500 off tuition if you refer a friend who registers for any online bootcamp course within 30 days!


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The Cybersecurity Bootcamp By CCS Learning Academy helps you to equip yourself to enter the specialized areas of technology and collect information on the latest security updates. Moreover, we start our classes at an entry-level gradually helping our candidates gain skills with real-world cybersecurity tools and techniques, and assessments. More than 600 candidates have already enrolled in our course.

Training Schedule

CCS Learning Academy offers the best bootcamps for cybersecurity. Online courses with cyber defence mechanisms and innovative technologies are normally held Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Weekdays (full-day schedule) Weekdays (evening schedule) Weekends (full-day schedule)
December 5, 2022
December 12, 2022
December 17, 2022
January 02, 2023
January 09, 2023
January 14, 2023

Bootcamp Achievement

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Instructor-led training and Q&A sessions include demonstrations and use case scenarios on a variety of topics.

Complete assignments, sessions with industry experts, project work, and quizzes as part of your learning experience.

Test Yourself
You will have the opportunity to participate in mock interviews in order to help with your post-bootcamp job search.
Enjoy the confidence and knowledge you've gained.

Upload Your Resume
Your new resume should reflect the skills and experience you've gained with Cybersecurity tools.

Apply for Jobs
Land roles such as Cybersecurity Specialist, Information Security Specialist, Site Security Administrator, Cryptographer, Cryptoanalyst, Cybersecurity Engineer, and more.

Why CCS Learning Academy?

Cybersecurity is one of the top in-demand IT work fields. CCS Learning Academy being in the industry for over 25 years, is highly committed to bringing you the latest technology updates. Our aim is to educate you on recent security tools and techniques.
Our instructor-led course focuses mainly on the latest cybersecurity trends, protection against data breaches, understanding cloud computing, security legal requisites, and organizing IT infrastructures.
By opting for our Cybersecurity course you will be able to:
Develop key skills using the latest tools and techniques Prepare yourself really well for the cybersecurity certification examination Become a cybersecurity expert and easily get placed in top companies

Course Objectives

What Kinds of Jobs Do Bootcamp Graduates Land?


What Will You Learn From the Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

We know how important certification is for professional courses. Therefore, we have custom created the Bootcamp syllabus, to encourage you to learn the latest skills and also upgrade yourself for your examination.

Now You Are Ready For an Advanced Career Or To Change Career Pathways

By the time you will complete the course, you will have mastered all the latest tools and techniques on cybersecurity. Now you can create an impressive portfolio, as we not only add value to your inner skill development but also boost the quality of your resume. Also, you will have gained an idea of the prerequisites for participating in a cybersecurity examination.


Option 1: Pay in Full

$12,995 $9,995
Pay in full to save $3,000!
Paid at the time of enrollment: $9,995
Total cost: $9,995

Option 2: Pay in Instalments

$12,995 $10,995
Pay in installments to save $2,000!
Paid at the time of enrollment: $1,995
Paid after Week 1: $3,000
Paid after Week 4: $3,000
Paid after Week 8: $3,000
Total cost: $10,995

Option 3: Finance Your Tution

Paid at the time of enrollment: $1,995
Financed amount: $11,000
Total cost: $12,995
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